MEMS/NEMS Nano Technology

Volume 483

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Cui Hong Yue, He Lin Zou

Abstract: In order to improve the ion transmission efficiency from atmospheric pressure MEMS electrospray (ESI) ion source to mass spectrometry (MS),...

Authors: Zhou Xiao, Xun Jia Su, Gen Liang Hou, Song Bi, Zhao Hui Liu

Abstract: Hydroxyl magnesium silicate powders were prepared by planetary-milling machine and a certain amount of No.46 mechanical oil was canned into...

Authors: Li Xiao, Li Dong Du, Zhan Zhao, Zhen Fang, Jing Xu

Abstract: In this paper, temperature characteristic of Ni-Cr thin film resistors is studied which have a low temperature drifting coefficient and used...

Authors: Ying Cheng, Rui Kang, Gan Ghua Zhang

Abstract: In nano scale, the degradation failure mechanism for CMOS device such as hot-carrier injection, breakdown of thin oxides, electro-migration...

Authors: Gang Wang, Li Xin Xu, Ting Wang

Abstract: High frequency filters are important components in microwave facilities application. With miniature volume, high performance and...

Authors: Ya Dong Liu, Ke Dong Bi, Yun Fei Chen, Min Hua Chen

Abstract: Nonequilibrium molecular dynamics (NEMD) approach is developed to investigate the thermal transport across a solid-solid interface between...

Authors: Wei Qiang Sun, Yong Yang, Sheng Yong Xu

Abstract: In this paper, we report a novel method to measure the dielectric constant of various liquids of limited amount. The liquid under test is...

Authors: Zheng Rong Qiu, Hong Yu

Abstract: A first-principles study of the optical properties of silicon quantum dots (Si QDs) with different diameters is presented in this paper. Si...

Authors: Kun Liu, Fei Tang, Xiao Hao Wang

Abstract: A new discharge system which can generate stable atmospheric pressure DC glow discharge is reported in this paper. The system is made up of...

Authors: Yan Cui, Xiao Chen Zou, Jin Kui Chu, Qi Sheng Gao

Abstract: A skylight polarization measurement system has been designed. With the measurement system, the patterns of skylight polarization measured at...


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