MEMS/NEMS Nano Technology

Volume 483

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Duo Yang, Chong Liu, Zheng Xu, Ji Zhang Wang, Li Ding Wang

Abstract: Micro-channels were the main microstructures in most micro-fluidic devices. In this paper, the effects of injection molding process...

Authors: Xiao Wei Liu, Chao Wang, Tian Han, Tian Dong

Abstract: A new kind of charging and sealing method for SOG (silicon on glass) structure micro heat pipe with triangular grooves is investigated. MHP...

Authors: Zheng Guo Shang, Zhi Yu Wen, Dong Ling Li, Sheng Qiang Wang

Abstract: It is known that the wet chemical etching of silicon in alkaline solution has attracted wide attention due to its advantages such as lower...

Authors: Bao Yin Yao, Hu Luo, Li Shuang Feng, Zhen Zhou, Rong Ming Wang, Yuan Yuan Chi

Abstract: The uniform, well designed nano-gratings have been successfully fabricated by using a dual beam focused ion beam (FIB)/scanning electron...

Authors: Xiao Gang Li, Yong Mei, Wen Gang Huang, Zheng Yuan Zhang, Jian Gen Li, Zhi Cheng Feng

Abstract: A monolithic MEMS accelerometer process was established. This process successfully combines our standard BiCMOS technology and MEMS surface...

Authors: Da Wei Liu, Jing Feng Li

Abstract: Micro or nano scale thermoelectric (TE) modules have received increasing attention because of their potential applications as energy...

Authors: Xiao Wei Liu, Jia Lu Tang, Rong Yan Chuai, Hai Feng Zhang, Xi Lian Wang

Abstract: In this paper, we make a detail analysis of some factors, which affects the electrostatic bonding process. According to the electrical...

Authors: Dong Ling Li, Zhi Yu Wen, Zheng Guo Shang, Sheng Qiang Wang

Abstract: This paper presents a simple but reliable fabrication process for microfluidic devices on glass substrate using wet etching technology....

Authors: Wei Wei Xiang, Li Wen, Qiu Ping Zhang, Jia Ru Chu

Abstract: In parallel microplasma etching system, microplasmas are generated in the hollow pyramidal tips array and extracted through the...

Authors: Bing Jun Lv, Peng Fei Wang, Xiao Wei Liu, Liang Yin, Na Xu

Abstract: A capacitor-free CMOS low-noise, low-dropout (LDO) regulator for Micro-accelerometer is presented. Noise performance of the regulator is...


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