MEMS/NEMS Nano Technology

Volume 483

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ji Zhou Sun, Yang Li, Chao Bian, Jian Hua Tong, Han Peng Dong, Hong Zhang, Qing Yong Chen, Shan Hong Xia

Abstract: This paper reports a novel three-dimensional (3D) microelectrode to enhance the sensitivity and current output of the amperometric...

Authors: Mei Liu, J. Zhu, Min Zhuo, Jing Wu, Shi Xing Jia

Abstract: We report our efforts towards designing and fabricating capacitive microaccelerometers with flat bottom surfaces free from the notching...

Authors: Yong Mei Zhao, Jin Ning, Guo Wei Han, Chao Wei Si

Abstract: The rapid growth of micromaching technology makes the miniaturized or integrated MEMS resonator or filter become possible. This paper...

Authors: Bo Guo, Shi Bin Liu, Jin Tao Liang, Wen Guang Feng, Yu Xin Liu, Ju Ping Li

Abstract: A kind of double-layer Si-based microcantilever was fabricated using standard integrated circuit and micro-mechanical machining technology....

Authors: Heng Liu, Feng Tian Zhang, Wei Su, Fu Tang Zhang

Abstract: The introduced resonant accelerometer makes use of the equivalent electrostatic stiffness to sense the acceleration. The sensitivity can be...

Authors: Guan Zhang, Yi Gui Li, Jun Feng Zhang, Chun Sheng Yang, Jing Quan Liu

Abstract: With the development of high precision processing, the miniaturization demand of motors with super-precision positioning and simple...

Authors: Yuan Wei Yu, J. Zhu, Yi Shi, Jian Yu

Abstract: This paper presents a bandpass switchable filter for 6–11GHz applications which is housed in a machined aluminum chassis. The circuit...

Authors: Hao Ren, Zu Gao Ni, Jian Ming Chen, Ai Ling Gong, Jun Yao

Abstract: This paper presents a novel out-of-plane micro spatial light modulator (μSLM) based on leverage principle. Design principles and analytical...

Authors: Jing Ma, Jun Xu, Bo You

Abstract: In this paper, a low cost quartz tuning fork temperature sensor adopting H-shaped tuning fork resonator to address miniaturization, high...

Authors: Yu Liu, Zhi Yu Wen, Li Chen, Xue Feng He, Sheng Qiang Wang

Abstract: This work focuses on the development of a biaxial fully differential capacitive microaccelerometer with a single proof-mass. Its design,...


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