MEMS/NEMS Nano Technology

Volume 483

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Li Bo Zhao, Xu Dong Fang, Yu Long Zhao, Zhuang De Jiang, Yong Li

Abstract: A pressure sensor in the range of 25 MPa with circular diaphragm is designed and fabricated, and the calibration experiments prove its...

Authors: Yue Zhao, Jing Lin Hu, Wen Zhong Lou, Long Fei Zhang

Abstract: Current fluxgate sensor probe SPICE models constructed by using arc tangent transfer function method and the diode model in fluxgate sensor...

Authors: Xiao Wei Liu, Zhi Li, Guan Nan Sun, Yun Tao Liu

Abstract: The paper describes the system design for a nonideal capacitive micromichined accelerometer in MATLAB/SIMULINK. In this paper, a...

Authors: Zheng Yuan Zhang, Yong Mei, Jian Gen Li, Xiao Gang Li, Zhi Cheng Feng

Abstract: A Si-based resonant pressure sensor structure with dual-beam was proposed to solve the problem of serious temperature drift in thermal...

Authors: Xu Lu, Bo Yang, Shou Rong Wang, Hong Sheng Li, Li Bin Huang

Abstract: A micro-heater is used inside silicon micro-gyroscope to keep the working temperature of gyroscope constant so as to minimize the effect of...

Authors: Shi Tao Wang, Yu Bin Jia, Bin Zhen Zhang, Yin Hua Lei, Qin Wen Huang, Yi Long Hao

Abstract: This work studied the cushion efficiencies of aluminum foam and metal rubber as the cushion materials for microaccelerometers under shock...

Authors: Chia Yen Lee, Long Kai Lin Liou, Chin Lung Chang, Chang Hsing Tai, Lung Ming Fu

Abstract: In the study, a MEMS-based gas sensor is presented, which consists of a sensing thin film deposited by RF sputtering and annealed at 375°C....

Authors: Guang Long Wang, Min Gao, Li Shuang Feng, Yi Dun, Jian Guo Hou, Jie Tang

Abstract: The nanostructures and nanodevices special fabrication technology including electron beam lithography (EBL), focused ion beam (FIB)...

Authors: Xiang Wang, Lei Xu, Gao Feng Zheng, Wen Wang Li, Dao Heng Sun

Abstract: Electrohydrodynamic printing of silver ink is demonstrated under an applied pulse voltage. Intermittent cone jets are deposited to form...

Authors: Yang He, Cheng Yu Jiang, Zhen Ya Liu, Sen Ren, Jun Chen, Heng Xu Yin, Wei Zheng Yuan

Abstract: Microneedles have broad applications in biomedical and neural measurements, drug-delivery systems, and microbiological sample analysis....


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