MEMS/NEMS Nano Technology

Volume 483

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yi Luo, Sheng Qiang He, Liang Jiang Wang, Zong Bo Zhang

Abstract: Ultrasonic fusion bonding is a potential method for mass-production of polymer microfluidic chips. However, the micro structures in the...

Authors: Mei Hang Wei, Yi Xu, Dong Shun Li, Zhen Zhou

Abstract: A microfluidic immunoassay chip that can selectively and specifically capture cancer cells was demonstrated. To realise the...

Authors: Zhou Ling, Tao Yang, Fan Chao Meng, Lin Yi, Xiang Xian Zhang

Abstract: Aiming at the coupling problems of electrical field and flow field in porous media microchannels, the mathematical model of...

Authors: Zhen Yu Yuan, Shu Bin Zhang, Jia Xing Leng, Yu Feng Zhang, Xiao Wei Liu

Abstract: In this paper, silicon-based micro direct methanol fuel cells (µDMFCs) with different anode structures were designed and investigated...

Authors: Dan Hui, Kai Ge Wang, Xiao Juan Zhao, Qi Wei Qiao, Dan Li, Wei Jun Dang, Yun Wan, Jin Tao Bai

Abstract: The stretching processes of DNA molecules on the hydrophobic planar surfaces and the dynamic processes of DNA molecules moving into the...

Authors: Lu Lu Zhang, Da Fu Cui, Xing Chen, Hao Yuan Cai, Hui Li, Jian Hai Sun

Abstract: The construction and performance of a novel electrochemical (EC) surface plasmon resonance (SPR) instrument based on a mini three electrode...

Authors: Wei Li, Fu Yong Liu, Ke Yuan Wang, Zhi Yu Wen

Abstract: In this paper, a new four-electrode sensor for fresh water conductivity measurements is presented.The measurement system includes two parts:...

Authors: Min Du, Hang Bo Zhao, Xiong Ying Ye, Zhao Ying Zhou

Abstract: Poly(dimethylsiloxane) (PDMS) based soft lithography has been widely used to make microfluidic devices, while the cross-sections of the...

Authors: Tian Han, Xiao Wei Liu, Ning Cui

Abstract: In this paper, a kind of one-dimensional steady-state model is used to analyze and simulate the capillary motion of the working material in...

Authors: Ting Fu Hong, Jik Chang Leong, Long Kai Lin Liou, Chien Hsiung Tsai, Lung Ming Fu

Abstract: This paper presents a novel simple Y-type micromixer based on stable water suspensions of magnetic nanoparticles (i.e. ferrofluids). An...


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