Advanced Design and Manufacture IV

Volume 486

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xiao Yan Teng, Fan Kai Kong, Jia Tai Zhang

Abstract: Module partition of Complex product system (CoPS) usually produces a number of schemes, and how to choose the best one amongst the themes is...

Authors: Yu Qing Xu, Zhi Yang

Abstract: The design criteria, operational frequency, operational order and compatibility are proposed and analyzed for nuclear power plant main...

Authors: Dong Yan Shi, Xian Jie Shi, Xing Bao Shi

Abstract: The purpose of this study is to determine the dynamic character coefficient of journal bearing with the consideration of bearing load...

Authors: Qiang Li, Kai Xue

Abstract: An engineering computational method of major loads in three-axis motion simulator is presented. Simulation calculation of the motor output...

Authors: Kai Xue, Yu Qiang Li, Feng Liu

Abstract: H-beam wedge heads are traditionally cut by manual operation. Considering the complex operation, high labor intensity and poor quality of...

Authors: Feng Lai Li, Xin Chang, Fan Kai Kong, Zhi Bo Zhao

Abstract: Variable vector propeller has characteristics of small compact structure and lightweight, and the thrust in any direction can be generated...

Authors: Qiu Hong Li, Kai Xue, Yan Li, Tao Qin

Abstract: Based on a classical model of the noise and vibration control, the dynamic modal of the turntable shafting of the typical half shaft system...

Authors: Shi Fan Zhu, Zhen Shang, Qin Hui Liu

Abstract: Industrial design is of a great importance for the new economy. The design education scenario is focused in a local region; with the...

Authors: Zhong Lin Zhang, Li Quan Wang

Abstract: With the development and research on the ocean, underwater mating technique has received wide applications such as the exploration of ocean...

Authors: Xue Feng Ma, Chao Hao, Fu Qiang Li

Abstract: The deviation often appears in the feeding device of machine because of the screw spindle geometry torsional moment and the wear. The...


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