Advanced Design and Manufacture IV

Volume 486

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ji Hui Yin, Jian Jun Qu, Bao Yu Song, Dai Zhong Su

Abstract: The effect of nano-calcium carbonate particles as additives on the titanium complex grease was investigated in this paper. Tribological...

Authors: Yan Yan Zhu, Run Xu, Ze Bo Fang

Abstract: Er2O3 films with good crystallinity have been achieved on an oxidized Si (111) surface by molecule beam epitaxy. The...

Authors: En Xia Yang, He Ping Liu, Tao Qin

Abstract: Ferrofluid is prepared with the chemical method in order to seal the ship stern shaft. Three types of ferrofluid are obtained. Their...

Authors: Jose Luis Casamayor, Dai Zhong Su

Abstract: There is a growing demand for products with low environmental impact due to current and upcoming environmental regulations/policies and...

Authors: Norbert Chamier Gliszczyński

Abstract: The research presented in this paper was to investigate a transport system in cities for the purposes of enhancing sustainability, by...

Authors: Adam Sędziwy, Leszek Kotulski

Abstract: In the paper we focus on the problem of large-scale distribution of lighting points. Its solution is constrained by economic issues like...

Authors: Jian He, Ben Yang Wang, Ming Wei Zhu, Hui Zhao Sun

Abstract: Stiffened plate is a common structure form in plate and shell structure. There are important theoretical significance and project...

Authors: Paul Johnson, Hyunjae Shin, Luke Harmer

Abstract: The research has monitored both real time and concepts of human-powered products (HPP) ranging from conscious user interaction and fun...

Authors: Fan Kai Kong, Gui Lin Sun, Zhi Bo Zhao, Min Zhang, Da Yong Zheng

Abstract: For the actual low velocity flow ocean condition of tidal station, in order to obtain the clean and sustainable energy more efficiently, a...

Authors: Dai Zhong Su, Zhong Ming Ren

Abstract: This paper presents an approach for ecological impact assessment of industrial gearboxes using Simapro and ReCiPe method. The importance and...


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