Advanced Design and Manufacture IV

Volume 486

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Dein Shaw, Chun Wei Lai

Abstract: In this study, CAD/CAM system for a 5-axis printing machine was developed. The configuration of 5-axis printing machine is based on the...

Authors: Ozgur Baser, Erhan Ilhan Konukseven

Abstract: Precise positioning and precise force control requirement in haptic devices necessitate the calibration of the device. Since force control...

Authors: Leszek Kotulski, Marcin Szpyrka

Abstract: Embedded systems are usually characterized by time-critical reactions and increased complexity. Because it is usually impossible to correct...

Authors: Amir Masoud Mirhosseini, Mohsen Loh Mousavi, Ghasem Amirian

Abstract: In recent years, tube hydroforming has been considered by automobile and airplane industries, because it decreases weight and increases...

Authors: Leszek Kotulski, Barbara Strug

Abstract: This paper deals with the design of a multi-agent system for distributed design. The design processes are often complex and require high...

Authors: Ling Han Li, Christian Schenck, Bernd Kuhfuss

Abstract: This paper presents a time-domain identification of modal parameters using least square algorithm. The main advantage of this method is the...

Authors: Hung Jiun Wen, Yu Lin Lo, Kuo Hwa Chang, Fuh Liang Wen

Abstract: The design and process of diaphragms for a welded bellow was studied in this paper, which is a flexible component in a piping system or...

Authors: Cheng Qi Sun, Rui Yang, Zhen Jiang Ma

Abstract: Ride comfort is an important factor to measure the performance of automobiles. The research presented in this paper investigates the effects...

Authors: Jie Zhou, Zhi Peng Li, Qiang Huo

Abstract: Trees or small saplings are often required to be transplanted to other places due to the modern city construction, environmental...

Authors: Zhi Peng Li, Dong Sheng Li, Fei Han

Abstract: The color of blueberries is not only an important appearance quality for mature blueberries, but a standard for blueberry harvesting. In...


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