Advanced Design and Manufacture IV

Volume 486

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jun Huang, Lian Shui Guo

Abstract: This paper has proposed an improved formula for the torque-tension relationship of bolted joints with consideration of all forces and...

Authors: Zhen Jiang Ma, Lin Chen, Ning Xu

Abstract: This paper presents a highly effective and efficient advanced method for design and development of handling stability systems of mini-cars....

Authors: Lian Shui Guo, Jun Huang, Andres Tavor, John E. Renaud

Abstract: This research introduces a multidomain topology optimization algorithm for crashworthy structure undergoing large deformations. This...

Authors: Ying Qiu, Ding Zhong Tan

Abstract: According to the demands of the Greenhouse Control System, the WSN(Wireless sensor networks) and WSN node hardware are designed, the network...

Authors: Yong Liang Ma, Xian Qiang Qu, Hong Bin Cui

Abstract: A fatigue reliability method has been developed for strain-based fatigue under random loading. The adaptive kernel method is employed to...

Authors: Amit Kohli, Mudit Sood, Anhad Singh Chawla

Abstract: The objective of the present work is to simulate surface roughness in Computer Numerical Controlled (CNC) machine by Fuzzy Modeling of AISI...

Authors: Xu Zhang, Qi Jiang, Li Wei Li, Wei Wei Cui, Ji Jun Cui, Yang Cao, Hai Rong Zhao

Abstract: A kind of crash energy absorption structure used by vehicle simulator crash testing equipment based on mechanical energy storage was...

Authors: Ismail Gerdemeli, A. Engin Cotur, Eren Kayaoglu, Adem Candas

Abstract: The valve design of a rear twin tube shock absorber belongs to a light commercial vehicle whose damper characteristics already known has...

Authors: Rui Yang, Jia Qian Li

Abstract: Based on the analysis of automobile bumper crash, and combined with the features of the bumper absorbing energy, a rig for bumper crash test...

Authors: Ya Ping Zhao, Tian Chao Wu

Abstract: A universal modification theory is developed for all kinds of hourglass worm drives, no matter what shape the generating surface of the worm...


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