Development of a Multiple Micro Diamond Wheel-Tools


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This study presents a novel and economical compound technique that combines co-deposition with micro w-EDM for precisely developing a multiple micro diamond wheel-tools. The wheel-blank is made of diamond grit of 0-2 µm grade by electrochemical technique, in which employs a designed micro tank with ideal convection and mini porous carrier. Using a pore size of 5-10-µm in the porous carrier, a suitable interval chip-pocket of 2-3 µm on wheel-blank can generate naturally. Formation of the multiple wheel-tools is carried out via the processes of slicing, thinning and dressing simultaneously to become grinding edges array. A circuit of resistance capacitance, which provides a very short pulse and high peak, is employed as the electrical discharge power to help in achieving a very shallow and narrow discharge cavity. The thickness of each grinding edge can be machined down to 10-µm. The experimental result shows that the proposed technique is an effective method to fabricate precision micro diamond wheel-tools.



Edited by:

Feng Zhu, Xipeng Xu and Renke Kang






S. T. Chen and Y.C. Lai, "Development of a Multiple Micro Diamond Wheel-Tools", Key Engineering Materials, Vol. 487, pp. 160-163, 2011

Online since:

July 2011




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