Research on Dynamic Grinding Force in Ultrasonic Honing Chatter


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The power ultrasonic vibration honing is one typical method with low speed grinding precision work. Compared with traditional honing, the ultrasonic vibration honing is of the advantages such as higher precision of surface quality, small roughness, higher processing efficiency, easy to process hard crisp material, etc. In the process of power ultrasonic vibration honing, with the increased ultrasonic surging force, the grinding force becomes extremely complex and changes along with the operating condition. Its flutter belongs to the nonlinear time-variable vibration, its flutter mechanism is more complex and the harm is more serious. In order to repress the chatter phenomenon, exploring the supersonic honing chatter mechanism through the research on the grinding force's tendency change rule. Through the analysis, draws the following conclusion: the radial component, which is caused by the added ultrasonic action on the oilstone, may be possible completely or partly to counteract the dynamic grinding force caused by the thickness effect; the axial componentmay be possible to remove the cross mark’s peak effectively of the ordinary honing and enhance the surface-supporting length ratio tp without changing the roughness; the added ultrasonic influences mutual friction between oilstone and work piece in honing process.



Edited by:

Feng Zhu, Xipeng Xu and Renke Kang






X.J. Zhu et al., "Research on Dynamic Grinding Force in Ultrasonic Honing Chatter", Key Engineering Materials, Vol. 487, pp. 433-437, 2011

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July 2011




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