Advances in Grinding and Abrasive Technology XVI

Volume 487

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Gui Cheng Wang, Chong Lue Hua, Ju Dong Liu, Hong Jie Pei, Gang Liu

Abstract: The grinding process is currently used for most of the parts requiring good precision. However, the apparition of some damage related to...

Authors: L.P. Sun, Yu Guo Wang, Yang Yang, X.R. Yu, Bin Lin

Abstract: Through the odd factor grinding experiment of microwave ferrite, the residual flexural strength and surface roughness after grinding were...

Authors: Yun Feng Peng, Zhi Qiang Liang, Yong Bo Wu, Yin Biao Guo, T. Jiang, X. Chen

Abstract: A theoretical discussion has been presented for the ductile chip formation in grinding of brittle materials. The single abrasive grit was...

Authors: Xiang Ming Huang, Z.X. Zhou, W. Li

Abstract: Ground white layer is caused primarily by grinding temperature induced phase transformation. So, it may form when grinding temperature...

Authors: C.Y. Zhang, Li Zhou, Shu Tao Huang

Abstract: Based on the theory of grinding temperature field and the grinding forces obtained from the experiment, the heat flow during grinding of...

Authors: G.Z. Xie, Xiao Min Sheng, Tan Jin, Zhen Tao Shang, Y. Wu

Abstract: The grinding temperature in wheel-workpiece contact zone in HSDG of alumina ceramic was measured using the grindable K type thermocouple....

Authors: Shu Sheng Li, Jiu Hua Xu, Y.C. Fu, H.J. Xu

Abstract: An investigation was undertaken to explore the grinding energy and removal mechanisms in grinding zirconia by using brazed diamond wheels....

Authors: Z.Q. Liu, Guo Giang Guo, Xiao Hu Zheng, Qing Long An, Ming Chen

Abstract: This paper investigates the surface grinding of Ti-6Al-4V under minimum quantity lubrication (MQL) condition. The experiment result...

Authors: Shi Chao Xiu, Cai Xia Chao, S.Y. Pei

Abstract: The grinding fluid can realize its function of cooling and lubricating only when it breaks through the airflow barrier around the wheel and...

Authors: Jie Zhen Zhuang, Lian Fen Liu, Y.Z. Zhang

Abstract: On the basis of orthogonal experiment method, the grind-hardening of 65Mn steel had been carried out on a conventional surface grinder with...


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