Advances in Grinding and Abrasive Technology XVI

Volume 487

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Feng Lu, Shi Chao Chen, Song Hua Li, Ke Zhang, Yu Hou Wu

Abstract: The high-speed ceramic electric spindle is applied in high-speed NC machine tools. Each surface processing accuracy requirement of...

Authors: B.F. Feng, Quan Fang Gai, Zheng Lei, Z.L. Su

Abstract: An investigation is reported on high-speed single-grain grinding for superalloy. The grooves’ morphology and area removal ratio, grinding...

Authors: Jian Wu Yu, M. Cheng, Shao Hui Yin, G.Z. Xie, X.L. Zhou

Abstract: The machining characteristics of cemented carbide YG8 under high speed grinding conditions are reported in this paper. The experimental...

Authors: Z.M. Cui, J.P. Kong, X.P. Yang, Lei Du

Abstract: Ceramic hollow ball Super hard composite abrasive has spherical hollow Mini-bore structure, This article introduced the structure of hollow...

Authors: Feng Lin Zhang, Meng Jia He, Yu Mei Zhou, Hui Ping Huang, Jing Ming Fan

Abstract: Four uniform patterns include grid (GD), concentric circle (CC), spiral (SL) and uniformly random (UR) and one non-uniform (NUR) pattern of...

Authors: Xiao Hu Zheng, Z.Q. Liu, Guo Qiang Guo, Qing Long An, Ming Chen

Abstract: Titanium alloy is widely used in aerospace and aircraft industries but it is a kind of difficult-to-cut material. In this paper, wet...

Authors: L. Yan, Feng Jiang, Y.M. Rong

Abstract: The microstructure evolution of ground subsurface in AISI D2 steel surface grinding was investigated in this study. The effect of grinding...

Authors: Quan Li Han, H.J. Zhao

Abstract: This paper aims to investigate the machining characteristics of surface ground by fixed abrasives. Face grinding experiments of aluminum...

Authors: Li Zhou, Shu Tao Huang, Xiao Lin Yu

Abstract: This paper deals with the grinding performances of SiCp/Al composites with higher volume fraction and larger SiC particle. The effects of...

Authors: Cong Mao, H.F. Zou, Z.X. Zhou

Abstract: The grinding forces and grinding temperature were measured by using a 3-axis piezoelectric dynamometer and a thermocouple, respectively. The...


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