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Authors: Jesús Toribio, Juan Carlos Matos, Beatriz González, J. Escuadra
Abstract:Abstract. This paper shows the evolution of the surface crack front in prestressing steel wires subjected to fatigue in air and to...
Authors: Z. Sharif-Khodaei, Ramon Rojas-Diaz, M.H. Aliabadi
Abstract:The propagation characteristic of Lamb waves activated by Piezoelectric actuators and collected by sensors in a stiffened panel has been...
Authors: Dong Liu, Peter E.J. Flewitt, Keith R. Hallam
Abstract:In this paper, we explored the relationship between thermal aging and the residual stresses developed within a thermal barrier coating (TBC)...
Authors: Antonio De Iorio, Marzio Grasso, George Kotsikos, F. Penta, G. P. Pucillo
Abstract:Fatigue failures of rails often occur at the rail foot, since the geometry of this zone gives rise to stress concentrations under service...
Authors: Saeed Asadikouhanjani, Reza Ghorbani
Abstract:The premature failure of a blade occurred after a service life of 8127 EOH operation houre. This paper presents the fracture analysis of the...
Authors: Alan Plumtree, M. M. Mirzazadeh
Abstract:The effect of shot-peening on the uniaxial fatigue behaviour of four engineering steels, heat treated to a similar final hardness was...
Authors: Leandro Neckel, Dachamir Hotza, Daniel Stainer, Rolf Janßen, A. G. R. Lezana, A. Dias, Hazim Ali Al-Qureshi
Abstract:New ballistic protection systems based on alternative materials have been recently developed. One of the industry’s objectives is to develop...
Authors: Jan Eliáš, Miroslav Vořechovský
Abstract:This paper shows that mesh density dependency in brittle element lattice models cannot be completely removed by incorporating material...
Authors: Marco Giglio, Andrea Gilioli, Andrea Manes
Abstract:Thin plate structures are common in many industrial products and in particular they can be found as skins in sandwich panels. In order to...
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