Compensation of Pressure Peaks in PWK-Type Hydraulic Pumps


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Hydraulic axial pumps equipped with cam-driven commutation unit (PWK pumps) proved their high efficiency up to 55 MPa and ability to work self-sucking, even at high speed. Displacement of PWK pump may easily be changed by moving its control cam. Full discharge from hydrostatic forces makes such control possible by direct action of a low-energy actuator like proportional electromagnet or stepping motor. That eliminates heavy and costly hydraulic servomechanism, necessary in other variable displacement machines. Such a control mechanism was positively evaluated in prototype tests in Department of Hydraulics and Pneumatics of Gdańsk University of Technology. The new commutation unit generates however harmful pressure peaks. The paper presents the compensation method for pressure peaks by use of the elastic compensation chamber. It shows also results of multidisciplinary FEA and CFD analysis necessary to properly design the compensation chamber.



Edited by:

Waldemar Karaszewski






L. Osiecki et al., "Compensation of Pressure Peaks in PWK-Type Hydraulic Pumps", Key Engineering Materials, Vol. 490, pp. 33-44, 2012

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September 2011




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