Fundamentals of Machine Design

Volume 490

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Andrzej Golenko

Abstract: The equalisation of the approach and recess contact ratios is one of the methods aiming at higher efficiency in any meshing toothed pair....

Authors: Szymon Grymek, Mateusz Pawelec

Abstract: Scoliosis is one of the most frequently occurring defects of human body. Its effective rehabilitation requires a suitable methodology of...

Authors: Jan Ryś, Stanisław Łaczek

Abstract: This article deals with a description of weld damage in a punching press. Static and modal analyses were performed in ANSYS v.11. Dynamic...

Authors: Józef Salwiński, Wojciech Horak

Abstract: Preliminary analysis of magnetorheological fluid usability in fluid lubricated bearings has been described in the present study. Results of...

Authors: Leszek Osiecki, Piotr Patrosz, Tomasz Zawistowski, Bettina Landvogt, Janusz Piechna, Bartek Żyliński

Abstract: Hydraulic axial pumps equipped with cam-driven commutation unit (PWK pumps) proved their high efficiency up to 55 MPa and ability to work...

Authors: Roman Kaczyński, Izabela Wilczewska, Boguslaw Hoscilo

Abstract: Monitoring systems for water distribution and sewerage networks constitutes an indispensable condition for smooth operational management of...

Authors: Waldemar Karaszewski

Abstract: The properties of ceramic materials such as elevated hardness, high temperature capability, low coefficient of thermal expansion are of...

Authors: Damian Słodczyk, Jarosław Stryczek

Abstract: On the basis of the analysed references it has been shown that an important problem in designing hydraulic machines is to develop a method...

Authors: Zbigniew Dąbrowski, Piotr Deuszkiewicz

Abstract: Carbon composites (carbon-aramide) constitute modern “Hi-Tech” materials of an extremely favourable ratio of load to mass transfer. Thereby...


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