Progress in Extrusion Technology and Simulation of Light Metal Alloys

Volume 491

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Alessandro Selvaggio, Antonio Segatori, Ahmet Güzel, Lorenzo Donati, Luca Tomesani, A. Erman Tekkaya

Abstract: In the paper experimental investigations aimed at allowing a detailed and accurate comparison of different FEM codes were presented and...

Authors: Ola Jensrud

Abstract: High strength aluminium alloys extrusions have successfully been applied for years in transportation industry. High strength alloys are...

Authors: Barbara Reggiani, Antonio Segatori, Lorenzo Donati, Luca Tomesani

Abstract: Although the extrusion process is regarded as a continuous process, in practice billets are discretely loaded into the press. The joining of...

Authors: M.B. de Rooij, X. Ma, A.J. den Bakker, Robert J. Werkhoven

Abstract: The surface quality of aluminium extrusion products can be hampered by undesired surface features like die lines and pickups. In particular...

Authors: Sergey Stebunov, Nikolay Biba, Andrey Lishnij

Abstract: The paper presents the development of the Finite Element model for simulation of thin aluminium profile extrusion of both solid and hollow...

Authors: Tommaso Pinter, Mohamad El Mehtedi

Abstract: Constitutive equations relate thermo-mechanical parameters, i.e. strain (ε), strain rate (έ) and temperature (T), with...

Authors: Michihiko Hoshino

Abstract: In Nihon University, Conform continuous extrusion and new extrusion processes which are called multi-billet extrusion have been investigated...

Authors: Bartłomiej Płonka, Juliusz Senderski

Abstract: The subject of the research was an alloy AlZnMg and AlCuMg with addition of Zr and Ag manufactured of powders by hot plastic consolidation...

Authors: N. Grittner, B. Striewe, A. von Hehl, D. Bormann, M. Hunkel, H.W. Zoch, F.W. Bach

Abstract: The combination of different metallic materials enables the design of lightweight structures with tailor-made properties at global as well...


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