Testing and Evaluation of Inorganic Materials II

Volume 492

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/KEM.492

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Authors: Zhi Li Zhang, De Cai Li, Li Ming Huang, Qi Han, Dan Shi

Abstract: Magnetic fluids viscous damper is a new type of dampers, whose structure including magnetic fluids, permanent magnet and a non-magnetic...

Authors: Hai Na Zhang, De Cai Li

Abstract: The authors put forward a new design of experimental setup in order to study the mechanism of magnetic fluid seal, and used Ansys to...

Authors: Qing Lei Wang, De Cai Li, Fan Wang

Abstract: The author measured surface tension coefficient for liquid with a new experimental apparatus, measured magnetic fluid surface tension...

Authors: Fei Fei Xing, De Cai Li, Xiao Long Yang

Abstract: A large gap structure device of the magnetic fluid static sealing have been designed, and this structure was made to test the anti-pressure,...

Authors: Xiao Long Yang, De Cai Li, Weng Ming Yang, Fei Fei Xing

Abstract: The principle of magnetic liquid seal with rectangular pole teeth structure is discussed in this paper, and the magnetic circuit design...

Authors: Dan Li, Cheng Yun Ning, Guo Xin Tan, Hua De Zheng, Yong Mei Ge

Abstract: Titania nanotube (NT) arrays with a length of 550nm were fabricated on the flat titanium substrate by anodization. The microstructure was...

Authors: Liang Huang, Yun Han Ling, Yu Qing Zhuo, Fu Jian Ren

Abstract: A dye-sensitized TiO2 nanotube array (DST) was fabricated by electrochemical anodization in an aqueous organic electrolyte and...

Authors: Fu Jian Ren, Yi Sun, Liang Huang, Yun Han Ling, Jia You Feng

Abstract: Crystalline anatase TiO2 thin films were obtained on glass substrates at 60°C, 75°C and 90°C, respectively, by liquid phase...

Authors: Yu Qing Zhuo, Yun Han Ling, Liang Huang

Abstract: Smooth and aligned TiO2-WO3 composite nanotube arrays (TiW-NTA) were successfully fabricated on a Ti-W alloy via an...

Authors: Wu Bin Gao, Cheng Dong, Xu Liu, Yun Han Ling, Jia Lin Sun

Abstract: Gas sensor based on point contact tungsten trioxide (WO3) was prepared by in-situ induction-heating thermal oxidation of tungsten...


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