Simultaneous Insertion of Mg2+, Sr2+ and Mn2+ Ions into Hydroxyapatite Structure


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The current trends in bioactive ceramics point out the ionic substitution in hydroxyapatite (HA) as a concrete way to create new active ceramics with a high developed biomimetic character. Accordingly, our objective in this work was investigating the effects of the simultaneous replacement of Ca2+ ions for Mg2+, Sr2+ and Mn2+ into the crystalline structure of HA.



Key Engineering Materials (Volumes 493-494)

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Eyup Sabri Kayali, Gültekin Göller and Ipek Akin




M. Pereira Moreira et al., "Simultaneous Insertion of Mg2+, Sr2+ and Mn2+ Ions into Hydroxyapatite Structure", Key Engineering Materials, Vols. 493-494, pp. 20-26, 2012

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October 2011




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