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Authors: Saci Messaadi, Mosbah Daamouche, Abderrahim Guittoum, Hadria Medouer, Noureddine Fenineche, Ibtissem Zidani
Abstract:The aim of this work is to understand the early stages in the growth mechanism of invar (Fe64Ni34) alloys and also to study the influence of...
Authors: Sie Chin Tjong
Abstract:Poly (vinylidene fluoride)/graphite nanoplatelets (PVDF/GNP) and PVDF/clay nanocomposites were prepared by means of solution mixing and...
Authors: Robert Olejnik, Petr Slobodian, Petr Saha
Abstract:Multiwall carbon nanotubes (MWCNT) network “Buckypaper” was made by the vacuum filtration method of MWCNT aqueous suspension. The sensitivity...
Authors: Fardad Azarmi, Ghodrat Karami
Abstract:Recently, there has been a huge interest in application of thermal spraying processes to apply a protective layer on the surface of...
Authors: Mehdi Mohamadzade Lajvardi, Faramarz Hossein-Babaei, Farhad Akbari Boroumand
Abstract:A UV-sensitive Schottky diode of Ag-rutile-Ti structure is fabricated on a thermally oxidized titanium chip. The junction is formed by the...
Authors: Marina C. Terzi, Damianos P. Sakas, Dimitrios Vlachos
Abstract:The paper considers the role of Integrated Marketing Communication in enhancing the brand awareness of high-tech laboratories. By...
Authors: Jing Jing Yang, Ming Huang, Jun Sun, Jun Dong Yang
Abstract:Sensor utilizing metamaterials have opened up a new field of considerable interest. We extend here the works of our group about metamaterial...
Authors: Radwa R. Abdel Chafy, Mustafa H. Arafa, Amal M. K. Esawi
Abstract:Carbon Nanotubes (CNTs) have shown remarkable electrical, piezoresistive properties as well as other physical properties. The aim of this...
Authors: Vittorio Elia, Elena Napoli
Abstract:This work presents some experimental results on the variation of the physico-chemical properties of pure, twice distilled water, when subject...
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