Materials and Applications for Sensors and Transducers

Volume 495

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Daniel Matejik, Robert Olejnik, Petr Slobodian, Petr Saha

Abstract: Two kinds of Multiwall carbon nanotubes (MWCNT) networks “Buckypaper” were made by the vacuum filtration method of MWCNT aqueous suspension....

Authors: P. Oikonomou, K. Manoli, D. Goustouridis, A. Botsialas, E. Valamontes, I. Raptis, M. Sanopoulou

Abstract: InterDigitated Capacitive (IDC) sensor arrays are fabricated with conventional microelectronics-micromachining technologies on quartz...

Authors: Jose Andrés Somolinos, Rafael Morales, Carlos Morón, Alfonso Garcia

Abstract: Force sensors are used when interaction tasks are carried out by robots in general, and by climbing robots in particular. If the mechanics...

Authors: Nikolaos Gazis, Michail Anastasopoulos, Germana Riddone, Alexandre Samochkine, Helene Mainaud-Durand

Abstract: The Compact LInear Collider (CLIC), currently under study at CERN, aims at the development of a Multi-TeV e+ e-...

Authors: Roberto Germano, Valentino Tontodonato, Cornelia Hison, Domenico Cirillo, F.P. Tuccinardi

Abstract: Electricity extraction from water by twin electrodes, mediated by oxygen molecules, that we call Oxhydroelectric Effect, is reported. The...

Authors: Domenico Cirillo, Roberto Germano, Valentino Tontodonato, Allan Widom, Yogendra N. Srivastava, Emilio del Giudice, G. Vitiello

Abstract: A substantial neutron flux generated by plasma excitation at the tungsten cathode of an electrolytic cell with alkaline solution is...

Authors: Vasiliki P. Tsikourkitoudi, Elias P. Koumoulos, Nikolaos Papadopoulos, Costas A. Charitidis

Abstract: The adhesion and mechanical stability of thin film coatings on substrates is increasingly becoming a key issue in device reliability as...

Authors: I. Tsopelas, A. Gili, J.P. Xanthakis

Abstract: We have theoretically examined the scaling of the Al2O3/InAlAs/InGaAs QW FET one of the proposed III-V channel...

Authors: Carlos Morón, Enrique Tremps, Alfonso Garcia, Jose Andrés Somolinos

Abstract: In this work, electrochemical maltose biosensors based on mutants of the maltose binding protein (MBP) are developed. A...

Authors: Nicola Nedev, Emil Manolov, Diana Nesheva, Kiril Krezhov, Roumen Nedev, Mario Curiel, Benjamin Valdez, Alexander Mladenov, Zelma Levi

Abstract: MOS structures containing silicon nanocrystals in the gate dielectric have been tested as dosimeters for ionizing radiation. Before...


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