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Authors: Marina C. Terzi, Damianos P. Sakas, Ioannis Seimenis
Abstract: New Product Development (NPD) in the high-tech sector is a rapid paced concept that requires constant efforts and great market awareness. Pricing has received little attention from companies, even if systematic pricing monitoring may lead to serious conclusions regarding the proper allocation of resources and the segmentation of the marketplace. The purpose of the present study is to develop the concept of pricing strategies simulation modelling for the development of new high-tech products. The Pricing Simulation Model successfully represents the process that companies should carefully consider so as to employ the optimal pricing strategy.
Authors: Yiannis Triantafyllopoulos, Nikolaos Konstantopoulos, Damianos P. Sakas
Abstract: This article aims to determine the main factors that affect the performance management strategy in high technology manufacturing Greek companies after a merger or an acquisition. For this purpose the article is based not only on the latest literature in performance management strategy, but also to interviews of executive members of manufacturing Greek companies and to the primary results of a quantitative analysis in some Greek companies that operate in manufacturing business and had in the near past a change in their environment due to a merger or acquisition. Findings indicate factors such as leadership, learning, teamwork and recognition as the ones that main affect the performance management of the company.
Authors: Yiannis Triantafyllopoulos, Nikolaos Konstantopoulos, Damianos P. Sakas
Abstract: This article aims to examine the role of leadership after a change in the business environment of a company, such as a Merger and Acquisition, in high tech manufacturing companies. Particularly as the number of mergers and acquisitions (M&As) continues to increase and during recession times is one of the most common strategy, more leaders are called upon to to develop their skills an play the most important role for the company strategy. For this purpose both qualitative and quantitative methods are used to examine the effect of leadership after a Merger and Acquisition in some Greek companies that operate in manufacturing business. Findings indicate that in many cases the change that occurs as a result of a merger is imposed on the leaders who have the critical role not only to communicate effectively the company strategy but also to find the correct ways to apply the requested performance management strategies, such as recognition, innovation and others in the new company employees.
Authors: E.M. Pechlivani, F. Stergioudis
Abstract: The interaction of solid NH4HCO3 with iron, where the ammonia product has been adsorbed nondissociatively to iron surfaces at low temperatures [1] was investigated. The nitride clusters formed on steel substrates modified the surface morphology and characteristics of the substrate and influenced their adhesion during subsequent procedure of coating. In our case, efforts were made to decorate the steel substrate in order to influence the base metal reactivity towards boron and its ability to react and form stable compounds with boron [2]. Boride layers on steel are examined by means of SEM and XRD analysis. The decorated surface was observed by FTIR method.
Authors: Mehdi Mirzayi, Mohammad Hoseen Hekmatshoar, Abdolazim Azimi
Abstract: Nanometer-sized ZnO powder was synthesized at low decomposing temperature by polyacrylamide-gel method where Acrylamide was used as monomer, and N,N-methylene-bisacrylamide as lattice reagent. The characteristic of powders were studied by X-ray diffraction and scanning electron microscope (SEM). The results indicated uniform distribution of nanoZnO particles. Also electrical properties were investigated at different sintering temperatures of 800, 900 and 1000 ° C. It was observed that increase in sintering temperature, resulted in increase in the grain size of the varistor ceramics. The observed nonlinearity in current – voltage characteristic was explained by the existence of potential barrier at the grain boundaries and lowering of the barriers.
Authors: Min Wei Yang, D. N. Wang, C. R. Liao
Abstract: A refractive index sensor based on single fiber Bragg grating with multiple micro-holes is proposed. The micro-holes are drilled by use of femtosecond laser micromachining. The key feature of the sensor is that a simultaneous and independent refractive index and temperature sensing measurement can be implemented by simply detecting the grating resonant wavelength shift and its intensity variation, respectively. The refractive index sensitivity obtained is 29.50 dB/RIU (refractive index unit), within the refractive index range between 1.30 and 1.45.
Authors: Z. Petrakou
Abstract: Mild steel is one of the most commonly used materials in both industry, construction and other commercial –less or more elaborated- applications, and therefore the need of the appliance of an efficient and precise non-destructive testing method is requisite and mandatory. Here we report the experimental study of one of the most significant properties of mild steel, that of hardness, that can substantially reveal important facts such as the grade of deformation and work-hardening of steel, with the use of Barkhausen Noise Analysis. We also studied how the magnetic and mechanical properties of this specific metallic material can be successfully correlated.
Authors: Polykseni Vourna
Abstract: When a soft ferromagnetic material is flown by an ac current and a magnetic field is applied at the same time, a major change of its impedance is occurred. The aim of this paper is to investigate the influence of low frequency (1KHz-12KHz) ac current and the applied magnetic field on an amorphous magnetic wire (Co68Fe4.35Si12.5B15) without glass coating. For this purpose an experimental configuration has been setup, based on a Wheatstone bridge which receives an ac input signal from a frequency generator. The output is connected to the amorphous wire wrapped with a coil supplied by a dc voltage for the generation of the magnetic field. The output voltage pulse is measured for two cases a) The value of ac frequency is changing while the value of dc voltage applied to the coil remains constant (the magnetic field remains unchanged) and b) the magnetic field is changing while the ac frequency remains constant to a predefined value. Experimental results of the first scenario showed that when the frequency is altered a non-linear increase of the ac signal is observed at the output which shows an increase of the GMI effect and is related to the non-linearity of the wire’s permeability. For the second scenario the results showed an increase of the output signal offset (voltage) which also indicates an increase of the GMI effect.
Authors: Eirini Varouti
Abstract: The aim of this study is to contribute to a better understanding of the dependence between Magnetic Barkhausen Noise and the plastic deformation of TRIP 800 steel samples. The TRIP 800 steel samples were subjected to increasing deformation by means of tensile loading and, meanwhile, Magnetic Barkhausen Noise parameters were measured (online measurements). Magnetic Barkhausen Noise parameters were, also, measured after the tensile deformation (offline measurements). The microstructure of the samples was studied by using Scanning Electron Microscopy and, finally, micro hardness and macro hardness measurements took place.
Authors: Kalliroi Sapountzi
Abstract: Aim of this study was to evaluate the use of the Barkhausen Noise as a mean to detect the residual stresses developed in the heat-affected zone (HAZ) of mild steel welds.

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