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Authors: A. Mpalliou
Abstract:The surface magnetic properties, namely Barkhausen noise and surface dc B-H loops and the microstructure of low carbon steel, namely electron...
Authors: D. Kokkoris
Abstract:Results on the correlation of structure and magnetic properties in ARMCO steels after mechanical treatment are reported in this paper....
Authors: Georgios Kokkinis
Abstract:In this paper a cordless position sensor based on the Magnetostrictive Delay Line principle is presented. The working principle and the...
Authors: Georgios Kokkinis
Abstract:In this paper we present a magnetic field sensor based on the domain wall nucleation and propagation process in glass covered amorphous...
Authors: Eirini Varouti, C. Giannouli, Z. Petrakou, K. Sapountzi
Abstract:The Barkhausen noise technique (BHN) has been used as a non destructive tool for the measurement of the hardness in various types of steel,...
Authors: P. Fotopoulos
Abstract:The Barkhausen noise in low carbon steel is analyzed in this paper, illustrating a monotonic dependence on the degree of plastic deformation.
Authors: Rastislav Varga, T. Ryba, Karel Saksl, Valentina Zhukova, Arcady P. Zhukov
Abstract:In this paper we report on fabrication and characterization of a novel glass coated Ni2MnGa glass coated microwires with metallic...
Authors: Georgia Dasargyri
Abstract:This research targets to localize the most stressed areas of the iron T-clamps of Epikourios Apollon temple (420 B.C.) during their...
Authors: P. I. Lerantzis, N. V. Kontogiannis, P.T. Tsarabaris, N. J. Theodorou
Abstract:In cases that the temperature of large surfaces needs to be measured, because measuring by conventional temperature equipment is time...
Authors: P. I. Lerantzis, P.T. Tsarabaris, N. J. Theodorou
Abstract:In order to study the thermal behavior of the distribution line porcelain insulators when the line’s conductor current is high, a laboratory...
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