Materials and Applications for Sensors and Transducers

Volume 495

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: E.K. Ioakeimidis

Abstract: The corrosive influence of 3,5% sodium chloride – water solution on tensile mechanical and Barkhausen magnetical noise response of an ARMCO...

Authors: Christina Giannouli

Abstract: Aim of this study is the correlation among magnetic properties, tensile deformation and microstructure of the duplex stainless steel 2205....

Authors: Polykseni Vourna, Aphrodite Ktena

Abstract: Results of an experimental study of electrical steel annealed at 500, 600, 700 °C and subsequently cooled via quenching or air, are...

Authors: Sotiria Karagiovanaki, K.G. Efthimiadis, Loukas Zoumpoulakis

Abstract: Magnetic polymer composites were synthesized via suspension polymerization method, incorporating nanoFe3O4 powder into...

Authors: Aphrodite Ktena

Abstract: Magnetic Non Destructive Testing (MNDT) methods are a tool not limited in the detection of cracks and defects, like traditional NDT methods...

Authors: K. Kosmas

Abstract: Magnetic properties, namely B-H loops and Barkhausen noise, have been determined with respect to mechanical load in Armco steels. The...

Authors: Panagiotis Skafidas

Abstract: A magnetic-based nondestructive evaluation (NDE) method, which employs Barkhausen effect and measurement of hysteresis loops, is developed...

Authors: A.C. Christopoulos, I. Koulalis, G.J. Tsamasphyros, G. Kanderakis

Abstract: The development of fibers and adhesive systems with high durability has recently led to the creation of a new repair method of metallic...

Authors: Valentina Zhukova, P. Umnov, V. Molokanov, A.N. Shalygin, Arcady P. Zhukov

Abstract: In this paper we report on fabrication and characterization of nearly-zero magnetostriction...

Authors: Saiful Amri Mazlan, Izwan Ismail, Mohamad S. Fathi, Shuib Rambat, Samsol F. Anis

Abstract: In our earlier work, test equipment has been designed, simulated and fabricated to perform experiment on MR fluids in squeeze mode....


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