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Authors: Guang Qiu Hu, Jing Lu, Xi Peng Xu
Abstract:In this paper, in order to avoid aggregate of nanodiamonds and reduce the damage problem caused by the hard abrasives during polishing, a...
Authors: Takazo Yamada, Michael N. Morgan, Hwa Soo Lee, Kohichi Miura
Abstract:In order to obtain the effective depth of cut on the ground surface, a new grinding process model taking into account thermal expansions of...
Authors: Otar Mgaloblishvili, Rauli Turmanidze, David Butskhrikidze, Mariam Beridze
Abstract:The scale of influence of the single crystal sapphire crystallographic plane orientation and grinding conditions on the material removal...
Authors: Karel Jandečka
Abstract:This paper presents further results in addressing this issue and builds upon the results obtained within the project GACR No. 101/07/0751...
Authors: Martin Novak
Abstract:This paper deals with study of surface quality changes of hardened steels that grounded with given cutting conditions. The samples of...
Authors: Paul W French, Alexander Wolynski, Mo Naeem, Martin C Sharp
Abstract:The interest in laser material processing of Carbon Fibre Reinforced Plastic (CFRP) over the past few years has increased, especially in the...
Authors: A.A Kutin, M.V. Turkin
Abstract:A study concerning the application of fiber laser to perforate thermoplastic pre-pregs is presented. An IPG fiber laser was used to drill...
Authors: Wen Long Chang, Xi Chun Luo, Qi Ling Zhao, Ji Ning Sun, Yi Zhao
Abstract:This paper aims to develop a laser assisted grinding process capable of manufacturing micro features in high strength materials. A diode...
Authors: Jimsher N. Aneli, Elena F. Semiletova, Nana V. Bakradze, Teimuraz N. Dumbadze
Abstract:Abstract: Formation of electrical conducting channels with paramagnetic properties on the surface of three type polymer plates...
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