Pulsed Processes when Cutting Heat-Resistant Alloys


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In this paper, the pulsed processes of machining by cutting heat-resistant alloys are consid-ered. It is proved that such processes can exclude unwanted loss of the steadiness of elastoplastic deformations in the chip formation zone. As a result the accuracy of machining, the quality of ma-chined surface and the resistance to wear of the cutting tool increase. Finally, some methods of in-tensification of pulsed processes when cutting difficult to machine materials have been suggested.



Edited by:

Michael N. Morgan, Andrew Shaw and Otar Mgaloblishvili




A. Kozlov and M. Deryabin, "Pulsed Processes when Cutting Heat-Resistant Alloys", Key Engineering Materials, Vol. 496, pp. 144-149, 2012

Online since:

December 2011




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