Precision Machining VI

Volume 496

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Martin C Sharp, Roopesh Yadav, Andre D.L. Batako, Paul W French

Abstract: The use of high power laser technology in the cleaning and dressing of grinding wheels has been the subject of several research projects...

Authors: John Lopez, Florent Deloison, Anne Lidolff, Martin Delaigue, Clemens Hönninger, Eric Mottay

Abstract: Pico and femtosecond lasers present a growing interest for industrials applications such as surface structuring [1] or thin film selective...

Authors: A.S Vereshchaka, A.A. Vereshchaka, A.K. Kirillov

Abstract: The challenges facing the development of environmentally friendly dry cutting technologies for various materials is investigated. The system...

Authors: Mars Migranov, Regina Migranov

Abstract: The objective of the present work is to study tribological properties of multilayered wear resistant coatings on the cutting tools. Two...

Authors: V.P. Tabakov

Abstract: The study has shown a correlation between the machining conditions and peculiarities of damage occurring to wear-resistant coatings in the...

Authors: Mars Migranov

Abstract: The wear resistance of tool materials with multilayered and multicomponent coatings of different chemical composition and the coating...

Authors: You Sheng Li, J. X. Deng, Steve Ebbrell, Michael N. Morgan, X.J. Ren

Abstract: This work comparatively studied the performances of straight cemented carbide tools and PVD coated carbide tools in high speed dry turning...

Authors: Raul Turmanidze, Teimuraz Mosashvili

Abstract: In this paper the dynamics of updating designs of rotors with variable parameters developed during last fifteen years at the Georgian...

Authors: Pitipong Benjarungroj, P. Harrison, Steve Vaughan, X.J. Ren, Michael N. Morgan

Abstract: This paper reports on the results of an experimental study in vibratory mass finishing. The machining performance of abrasive media produced...

Authors: Takazo Yamada, Hiroki Yuge, Hwa Soo Lee, Kohichi Miura

Abstract: In order to make clear the grinding mechanism in micro depth of cut, micro grinding test with a diamond indenter having defined geometrical...


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