Precision Machining VI

Volume 496

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: V.P. Baharev, A.S Vereshchaka

Abstract: This paper reports on a methodology of designing high-precision machining of ceramic materials based on the thermodynamics of the...

Authors: Oleg A. Rozenberg, Raul Turmanidze, Sergei V. Sokhan, Vyacheslav V. Voznyy

Abstract: In the article are shown the results of tests on friction and wear behavior of friction couples sapphire against sapphire or tetragonal...

Authors: V Kuzin

Abstract: The results of the study of the influence of the grinding regimes and the characteristics of the diamond tool on the strength and the...

Authors: Martin Novák, Natasa Naprstkova, Ludek Ruzicka

Abstract: This paper deals with new possibilities in aluminium alloys grinding. Presently the aluminium alloys have forceful usage in engineering. The...

Authors: Ivan Mrkvica, Ryszard Konderla, Miroslav Faktor

Abstract: This article deals with dry turning of nickel superalloy - Inconel 718. The different cemented carbides were applied for cutting process....

Authors: Arkadiy Kozlov, M. Deryabin

Abstract: In this paper, the pulsed processes of machining by cutting heat-resistant alloys are consid-ered. It is proved that such processes can...

Authors: Saurav Goel, Xi Chun Luo, R.L. Reuben, Waleed Bin Rashid, Ji Ning Sun

Abstract: Silicon carbide can meet the additional requirements of operation in hostile environments where conventional silicon-based electronics...

Authors: Worapong Sawangsri, K. Cheng

Abstract: In this paper, the existing models micro/nanometric cutting mechanics and physics are critically reviewed including ductile mode cutting...

Authors: Gergely Szabó, János Kundrák

Abstract: This paper shows the chip forming morphology of the plastic strain in the chip root in function of the cutting data. The knowledge of strain...

Authors: Yury Maximov

Abstract: In modern machine-building the problem of creating highly-efficient technological mechanical machining processes, taking into account the...


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