Precision Machining VI

Volume 496

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jan Madl, Vitezslav Razek, Vaclav Koutny, Jindrich Kafka

Abstract: Precision machining of soft and hardened materials is a topic of high interest to substitute some traditional operations. This paper deals...

Authors: Marco Castelli, Renaud Jourdain, Paul Morantz, Paul Shore

Abstract: Nanometre-scale figuring technique at atmospheric pressure for large optical surfaces is a high profile research topic which attracts...

Authors: Saiful Che Ghani, Kai Cheng, Xi Zhi Sun, Richard Bateman

Abstract: The machining process produces high local temperatures in the tool-chip and tool-workpiece contact areas, normally lead to negative...

Authors: Csaba Felhő, János Kundrák

Abstract: The microgeometry of cut surfaces is one important characteristic of surface quality, since it has significant influence on the tribological...

Authors: M.U. Kulikov, M.A. Larionov

Abstract: The technological problems of boring deep apertures are investigated in this report. During the research the basic laws of occurrence of...

Authors: János Kundrák, Gyula Varga

Abstract: Abstract. The development of metal machining processes and procedures has been characterized by aiming at accuracy and economy for decades....

Authors: Tahsin Tecelli Öpöz, Xun Chen

Abstract: Cutting processes in machining involves the elastic and plastic formation where a layer of material is removed by a cutting tool to be...

Authors: Frantisek Holešovsky, Martin Novák, Michal Lattner

Abstract: A number of machine parts have a design notch or component of notch pattern for the discharge of their own function. These notches form the...

Authors: Saurav Goel, Xi Chun Luo, R.L. Reuben, Waleed Bin Rashid, Ji Ning Sun

Abstract: Wear of diamond tool has always been a limiting factor in ductile regime machining of large size silicon components. In order to understand...

Authors: Tibor Krenický, Miroslav Rimár

Abstract: Vibrations of cutting head act as co-factor causing striation of machined work-piece surface, deteriorating its surface quality. In this...


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