A Design Method for Internal Model Controllers for Multiple-Input/Multiple-Output Unstable Plant


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In the present paper, we examine the parameterization of all stabilizing Internal Model Controllers(IMC) for multiple-input/multiple-output unstable plant. The parameterization problem is theproblem in which all stabilizing controllers for a plant are sought [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9]. Since this parameterizationcan successfully search for all proper stabilizing controllers, it is used as a tool for manycontrol problems. However, there exists a problem whether or not stabilizing controllers for unstableplant can be represented by IMC structure. The IMC structure has advantages such as closed-loop stabilityis assured simply by choosing a stable IMC parameter. Additionally, closed-loop performancecharacteristics are related directly to controller parameters, which makes on-line tuning of the IMCvery convenient[6]. The solution to this problem, Morari and Zafiriou[6] examined the parameterizationof all stabilizing IMC for unstable plant. Their parameterization remains difficulties. Their internalmodel is not necessarily proper. In addition, their parameterization includes improper IMC. In order toovercome these problems, Chen et al. proposed a design method for IMC for minimum-phase unstableplant[17]. However, the method proposed by Chen et al. cannot apply for multiple-input/multipleoutputunstable plant. Because many of actual plants are multiple-input/multiple-output plants, consideringfor multiple-input/multiple-output unstable plant is important. In this paper, we propose theparameterization of all proper stabilizing IMC for multiple-input/multiple-output unstable plant suchthat the IMC and the internal model are proper. In addition, we present an application of the result forcontroller design for multiple-input/multiple-output time-delay plant.



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Osamu Hanaizumi, Masafumi Unno and Kenta Miura




N. T. Mai et al., "A Design Method for Internal Model Controllers for Multiple-Input/Multiple-Output Unstable Plant", Key Engineering Materials, Vol. 497, pp. 210-220, 2012

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December 2011