Study on the Model Feedback Control System for a Class of Non-Minimum Phase Systems


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In the present paper, we examine model feedback control systems (MFCSs). Because MFCSis simple, the MFCS has been applied in many applications such as the trajectory control of robotmanipulators, serially connected water tanks, etc. The control structure of the MFCS is limited, butYamada and Moki reported about whether or not MFCS can represent all of the stabilizing controllersof a minimum phase plant. However, no research has been reported whether or not MFCS can representall of the stabilizing controllers of a non-minimum phase plant. The purpose of the present paper isto give a solution to the question as to whether or not all of the stabilizing controllers for a plantare expressible in the MFCS structure. The relation between MFCS and the parameterization of allstabilizing controllers for a class of non-minimum phase plants is shown. A simple design method tospecify control characteristics is also presented.



Edited by:

Osamu Hanaizumi, Masafumi Unno and Kenta Miura






N. T. Mai et al., "Study on the Model Feedback Control System for a Class of Non-Minimum Phase Systems", Key Engineering Materials, Vol. 497, pp. 234-245, 2012

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December 2011




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