Silicon Science and Advanced Micro-Device Engineering II

Volume 497

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Masahisa Ito, Ryota Nagayasu, Tatsuki Tadenuma, Kosuke Suzuki, Ayako Sato, Hiromichi Adachi, Yoshiharu Sakurai, Yoshichika Ōnuki

Abstract: An experimental method of X-ray magnetic diffraction was applied to the ferromagnetic rare-earth compound CeRh3B2, and...

Authors: Kosuke Suzuki, Naoto Go, Shun Emoto, Ryutaro Yamaki, Masayoshi Itou, Yoshiharu Sakurai, Hiroshi Sakurai

Abstract: We compare two Co/Pd multilayers with correspondingly smooth and rough interfaces. The first is a Co (1.5 nm)/Pd (2.6 nm) multilayer with a...

Authors: Kohjiro Kobayashi, Hiroshi Sakurai

Abstract: Compton profiles related to the electron momentum distribution are calculated using the DV-Xα method for a series of rare gases from He to...

Authors: Kohjiro Kobayashi, Hiroshi Sakurai

Abstract: Isotropic and directional Compton profiles are calculated for 14 electron diatomic molecules, N2, CO, and BF, using the DV-Xα...

Authors: Shinichi Furusawa, Hiroshi Ochiai, Khoji Murayama

Abstract: Single crystals of lithium zinc titanate (Li2ZnTi3O8) were grown in a double-mirror type optical...

Authors: Toru Kyomen, Ryuta Motani, Minoru Hanaya

Abstract: Powder of Pr-doped CaTiO3 red phosphor was prepared at 1473 K by a conventional solid-state reaction method with addition of...

Authors: Kenji Kubota, Kaori Wakamatsu, Nobukazu Nameki, Yoshiharu Toyama

Abstract: Fibrin polymerization proceeds in a stepwise manner. In the first step, fibrinogen-to-fibrin conversion is triggered by the enzymatic...

Authors: M. Gias Uddin, Tomohisa Moriguchi, Mayumi Ichimura, Kazuo Shinozuka

Abstract: A novel stem-loop structured fluorescent oligoDNA probe (molecular beacon probe) bearing a silylated pyrene derivative at C-5 position of...

Authors: Yasunobu Egawa, Masafumi Unno

Abstract: Recently we have been investigating solvent-free synthesis of siloxanes. Using no solvent gives less load to environment, and decreases cost...


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