Behaviour of Material and Composite Structures

Volume 498

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Kamal Ait Tahar, F. Taouche, Y. Bouamra

Abstract: Existing models for the concrete confined show a great respect in terms of effectiveness of confinement. The concrete confinement which...

Authors: A. Belalia, A. Rahmani, G.B. Lenkey, G. Pluvinage, Z. Azari

Abstract: The objective of this study is examining the level of degradation caused by the welding process, the influence of defects by third...

Authors: H. Moustabchir, Z. Azari, S. Hariri, I. Dmytrakh

Abstract: In industrial structures, the presence of cracks under critical loads leads to complete ruin. Fracture rupture mechanics allowed studying...

Authors: S. Benbelaid, B. Bezzazi, A. Bezazi

Abstract: This paper considers damage development mechanisms in cross-ply laminates using an accurate numerical model. Under static three points...

Authors: El Hassan Boudaia, Lahbib Bousshine, Ali Chaaba

Abstract: The main objective of this paper is to present a theoretical and numerical analysis of frictional contact problems for large deformation...

Authors: S. Choukri, Moussa Karama

Abstract: This paper deals with the advantages of the finite element modeling and design, especially, of delamination test coupons involved in...

Authors: Elodie Péronnet, Florent Eyma, Hélène Welemane, Sébastien Mistou

Abstract: This work deals with the Liquid Resin Infusion (LRI) process developed within the research program “FUSelage COMPosite” of DAHER SOCATA....

Authors: Karl Delbé, Solisabel Orozco Gomez, Juan Manuel Carrillo Mancuso, Jean Yves Paris, Jean Denape

Abstract: Extreme working conditions affect material used as friction components in transportation field: they rapidly reach their limits and critical...

Authors: Khalil El-Hami, Abdelkhalak El Hami

Abstract: This paper is devoted to procedures for the reliability-based optimization methods of engineering structures combining measurement and...


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