Advanced Materials in Microwaves and Optics

Volume 500

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Seyed Hamid Hashemipour, A. Salman Ogli, Nasim Mohammadian

Abstract: In this article, we probe the atmosphere disturbance such as Attenuation, Scattering, turbulence and thermal blooming on the laser beam...

Authors: Mário Gajdoš, Andrej Berdis, Ján Gecák, Milan Mičko, Tadeaš Kurilovský

Abstract: Precise and reliable information on the machinability of a material before it enters the machining process is a necessity, and hypotheses...

Authors: Yun Liang Yu, Ye Bai, Jian Qiang Wang

Abstract: Choose a wavelet to transform the logging curves, which can obtain a series of scale and depth corresponding to wavelet coefficients. From...

Authors: Shou Cheng Ding, Wen Hui Li

Abstract: This paper studied the transmission of the athletics starting signal and the end signal detection over the line in track and field...

Authors: Xiao Nan Sun, An Ping Liu, Xiao Song Sun

Abstract: In this paper, a portable X-ray fluorescence (XRF) is designed to monitor the digging process of Pb contaminated soil based on contaminated...

Authors: Bao Rang Li, Xin Ming Xi, Yang Bai

Abstract: The nano-TiO2 powders with the average particle size of about 40nm were used as starting materials. The compacted powders were...

Authors: Zhi Gang Shan, Hong Hai Kuang, Ming Sheng Kuang, Chun Hong Zhou

Abstract: There are significant impacts on the safty of tunnels because of porous materials.In order to avoid serious accidents of tunnels, Porous...

Authors: Hong Hai Kuang

Abstract: Pattern recognition of carbonate rocks in RS image have been studied in the paper. Samples of carbonate rocks were scanned into rock...

Authors: Eugeniusz Kornatowski

Abstract: This paper presents a method for vibroacoustic analysis of a transformer in the steady state. The standard approach to this problem has been...


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