An Improved Channel Estimation Algorithm and Implementation Based on FPGA for OFDM System


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An improved FPGA implementation of channel estimation based on pilot arrangement is proposed in this paper. Typical methods are firstly investigated and compared by MATLAB simulation. The paper puts the pilots to the least square criterion to estimate the channel frequency domain response by using linear interpolation method with comb-type pilots arrangement in FPGA implement, it makes a good balance between algorithmic capability and FPGA design complexity. The simulations prove that the design can accomplish channel estimation and emendation, and it can meet the demand of the system.



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David Wang




C. S. Xia et al., "An Improved Channel Estimation Algorithm and Implementation Based on FPGA for OFDM System", Key Engineering Materials, Vol. 500, pp. 689-695, 2012

Online since:

January 2012




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