Study on Modified Ceramic in Treatment of Micro-Polluted Source Water for Strengthening Filtration


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As filter media sand, ceramic has the certain removal effect in treating turbidity, organic matter from water .but the removal rate is limited. Modied filter could change filter surface characteristics. in this article, modied ceramic with aluminum hydroxide 。the experimental resulta showe that the trentment effect of ceramics filter coated aluminum is higher than ordinary ceramic in turbidity, CODMn, UV254 in the water, the removal efficacy is 96.64%,38.14%,47.77%respectively,aftercoated aluminum ceramic getting through the filter candle ,the Zeta potential of filter water is more close to zeto point and helpful for adhering to particles and intercepted. Conventional filtering process of water plant adopting quard sand ,ceramic so on media has low treatment tate in low turbidy , contaninging organic micro-polluted source watet .the reason that those media specific surface area is limited ,under neutral condition surface carries negative charge,absorption capacity is little.which affect impurities adhesion on filter materials[1],to make outlet water quality improved ,.people begin to seek economic,good treatment effect filter media,modified media has become a kind of new workmamship in rencent 10 years[2-6]. .Modified media could make ordinary media surface properties improve, enhance intercepting capability and much study regard sand as carrier .and ferric chloride,ferric nitrate,aluminum oxide as modifier. adopt study of modified ceramic little,although ceramic has more porosity , aperture and specific sueface area,which formed internal surface area is smaller respectively .accoding to sanitary standard for drinking water ,ameliorating ceramic performance and advancing effluent is urgently to be solve daboutsubject. this study used aluminum hydroxide as modifier ,investigated coater aluminum ceramic filtering effect.



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Y. Y. Dai et al., "Study on Modified Ceramic in Treatment of Micro-Polluted Source Water for Strengthening Filtration", Key Engineering Materials, Vol. 500, pp. 70-75, 2012

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January 2012




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