Advanced Materials in Microwaves and Optics

Volume 500

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ting Liang Guo, Guo Jin Feng, Yu Wang

Abstract: High-precision calibration of space sensors is a complex task. For calibration, integrating sphere system is the main equipment to produce...

Authors: Wen Tao Zou, Huai Qing Zhang, Hong Bo Ju, Hua Liu

Abstract: Based on the brightness, greenness, humidity indices after Tasseled Cap transformation, NDWI and DEM. Extracting the alpine wetland...

Authors: Gui Ying Pan, Lian Qing Zhou, Zhou Shi

Abstract: A fast, low-cost method for rice canopy leaf area index (LAI) estimation is proposed. Take photos of rice canopy with a 57° view angle from...

Authors: Xu Han, Yi Quan Sun, Ying Chen, Zhong Ke Feng, Yin Xi Gong, Yan Pei Cheng

Abstract: There are rather large parts of deserts and semi deserts in central Asia, belonging to the region of drought and semi-drought, with little...

Authors: Jun Ma, Dong Dong Zhang

Abstract: Since the remote sensing data are multi-resources and massive, the common data mining algorithm cannot effectively discover the knowledge...

Authors: Chun Yue Cheng, Hong Zhai, Jin Long Chen, De Zhong Xu, Fang Li

Abstract: FY-3 meteorological satellite is the new generation of China’s polar-orbit meteorological satellite and be hoped to meet the operational...

Authors: De Bao Yuan, Xi Min Cui, Guo Wang, Jing Jing Jin, Wei Xue

Abstract: With the development of social and economic, for all walks of life, needs for geospatial information have been growing more and more...

Authors: Chen Xi Song, Zhong Sheng Xia, Yun Shao, Feng Li Zhang, Kun Li, Zi Wan

Abstract: When forest stock volume is quantitative estimated using SPOT-5, QuickBird and ALOS optical data with linear regression model, the optimal...

Authors: Yang Gao, Jing Min Gao, Jiu He Wang

Abstract: The real-time monitoring of human movement can provide valuable information regarding an individual’s degree of functional ability and...

Authors: Hai Feng Li

Abstract: Because the traditional campus GIS (CGIS) lacks close contact and unified management between the spatial data and attribute data, it can not...


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