Advanced Materials in Microwaves and Optics

Volume 500

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Wei Cao Chen, Guo Wei Gao, Juan Wang, Li Li Liu, Xi Lin Li

Abstract: The random noise is an important factor that affects the precision of the MEMS gyroscope. Based on the time-series analysis method, the AR...

Authors: Shu Yi Song, Xi Jin, Zhou Shi

Abstract: Applicability of remotely sensed data in heterogeneous land use/cover mapping has been greatly be restricted, given the fragmented...

Authors: Long Quan Chen, Deer Liu

Abstract: Ased on the analysis that the application of the subdivision surfaces modeling technology is feasible in the three-dimensional geological...

Authors: Long Quan Chen, Feng Qiong Zou

Abstract: Serious hazard for mining subsidence, and the prediction of traditional methods of land use change has many defects, this paper mainly...

Authors: Min Cao, Shan Shan Tan, Quan Fei Shen

Abstract: After analysising the principle of nonsubsampled contourlet transform, the image fusion model based on HIS transform and nonsubsampled...

Authors: Chong Chang Wang, Chun Feng Zhou, Yan Yan Yang

Abstract: In this paper, the temperature vegetation dryness index (TVDI) method and thermal inertia index method are designated as the way of modeling...

Authors: Sami Ul Haq Qazi, Li Xin Shi, Lin Mi Tao, Shi Qiang Yang

Abstract: Most of classification methods require model learning procedure or optimal parameters selection using large number of training samples. In...

Authors: Jun Bin Huang, Yu Li, Hong Can Gu, Bo Tan

Abstract: In this paper, the basic theories and characteristics of distributed Bragg reflection (DBR) fiber laser and distributed feedback (DFB) fiber...

Authors: Chang Sheng Xia, Min Shi, Li Juan Feng

Abstract: An improved FPGA implementation of channel estimation based on pilot arrangement is proposed in this paper. Typical methods are firstly...

Authors: Sheng Yao Wang, Xi Min Cui, De Bao Yuan, Jing Jing Jin, Qiang Zhang

Abstract: With the continuous development of Airborne Lidar hardware, the current data collection system will not only collect information on a single...


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