Advanced Materials in Microwaves and Optics

Volume 500

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Shu Hui Li, Xiao Jun Li

Abstract: The Verdet constant is the essential parameter of Faraday Effect. Study on Verdet constant of magnetic optical medium is very important in...

Authors: Si Wei Huang, Ang Zhang, Xiao Lin Tian, Yan Kui Sun

Abstract: An edge detection algorithm which is applied to anterior chamber OCT images has been proposed. The algorithm firstly uses multi-structure...

Authors: Hikari Dezaki, Tadao Tanabe, Hai Yan Jin, Yutaka Oyama

Abstract: 1.2μm – laser pumped wide frequency tunable coherent terahertz (THz) light source is demonstrated. The operation principle is based on...

Authors: Yee Sin Ang, Chao Zhang

Abstract: We demonstrate that bilayer graphene exhibits strong nonlinear optical response in the terahertz frequency regime. The electric field...

Authors: Hikari Dezaki, Meng Long Jing, Sundararajan Balasekaran, Tadao Tanabe, Yutaka Oyama

Abstract: An efficient continuous wave (CW) THz source working at nominal room temperature is described. Optically pumped room temperature THz...

Authors: Yuan Yuan Dai, Jian Yuan, Jing Ren Zhang, Lian Wang Wang

Abstract: As filter media sand, ceramic has the certain removal effect in treating turbidity, organic matter from water .but the removal rate is...

Authors: Yong Qin, Zhen Zhou, Jing Hou, Li Jie Wang

Abstract: The detection of milk proteins can be achieved by light scattering. But in the process of detection, there are many influences that directly...

Authors: Ren Zhe Wang

Abstract: The sensing technology based on sensitive conductive composites was used on the reinforced cushion in a coal mine silo foundation. The...

Authors: Sudhir Chandra, Atul Vir Singh

Abstract: In present work, we report preparation and characterization of piezoelectric films of zinc oxide (ZnO) and aluminum nitride (AlN) by RF...

Authors: Javlon D. Elchiev, Muzaffar M. Djalalov, Aleksandr A. Simonov

Abstract: There has shown new vacuum technique of making planar waveguides doped with rare earths, on the basis of simultaneous vacuum deposition of...


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