Advanced Materials in Microwaves and Optics

Volume 500

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Shan Shan Wang, Xi Chen, Quan Wang, An Ming Bao

Abstract: Many fundamental ecosystem properties and dynamics are monitored by plant water status, particularly in arid ecosystem where water is...

Authors: Zheng Zhou, Yuan Ling Zhao, Deng Ke Fan, Zhi Fang Wang

Abstract: HJ-1 satellite system consists of two optical CCD sensors, which can support real-time data for environment monitoring because of its high...

Authors: Shi Xian Gu, Xia Xu, Xiao Dan Wang

Abstract: The vegetation factor C presented the human disturbance to the soil erosion and was important to the soil erosion estimation and soil...

Authors: Long Quan Chen, Run Yuan Kuang

Abstract: The stability of the mining is important for coal, and stability of the current status of coal was analyzed, selecting appropriate...

Authors: Liang Song Li, Jing Xie

Abstract: Taxus chinensis var. maire is an important medicinal, ecological and environmental friendly plant. To propose calculation methods of...

Authors: Ting Duan, Mei Yan Xing, Ming Zhuo Li, Zheng Zhong Liu, Wen Liu, Jian Yang

Abstract: Micro-electrolysis process was conducted to treat the anaerobic digestion effluent of cotton pulp black liquor in sequencing batch reactor...

Authors: Yang Han, Jiao Li, Xu Han

Abstract: In this paper, We obtain the data of the temporal and spatial dynamic change of land use of three phrases (the end of 1980’s, the end of...

Authors: Lei Yan, Yun Xiang, Wei Chen, Yun Sheng Zhao

Abstract: The granite is widely used for city architectural decoration, outdoor sculpture. Study on granite reflection is important for artificial...

Authors: Chang Lin Xiao, Yan Chen, Lina Liu, Ling Tong, Ming Quan Jia

Abstract: Genetic Algorithm can further optimize Neural Networks, and this optimized Algorithm has been used in many fields and made better results,...

Authors: Yue Feng Zhao, Jing Li

Abstract: Microwave limb sounding is powerful to measure atmospheric compositions, temperature and pressure with high vertical resolution. During the...


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