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Authors: Yu Zeng Yao, Wei Qun Li, Yan Yan Xu, Jun Sheng Lu
Abstract: It is difficult for ore prospecting by conventional methods of geologic mapping and geophysical or geochemical methods in highly vegetated terrain. High resolution spectral measurement is an excellent tool. In this paper, the reflectance spectra of oak leaves and larch leaves in Shujigou Copper Mine, P.R. China, were measured by ASD Fieldspec®3 portable spectroradiometer and red edge positions are obtained by derivative method. The results indicate that the “blue shift” of foliage of both species is spatially well in accordance with the ore bodies, despite of the ore vein buried or not and the depth of ore-bury. The research provides the theoretical basis for the ore exploration in vegetated terrain by hyperspectral remote sensing method.
Authors: Jian Zhong Chen, Ye Hua Sheng, Yong Zhi Wang
Abstract: After analyzing the characteristics of rock salt and the feasibility and importance of using underground rock salt cavern as energy stockpiles, this paper explains in detail about the principle of sonar detection technology in cavern measuring and its data organization. This paper studies the technology of three-dimensional surface topological reconstruction of underground rock salt cavern based on sonar detection data with half-edge data structure and boundary representation models. Meanwhile, by conducting validity check for constructed surface model and repair of possible defects, the paper finds correct and effective three-dimensional surface models of underground rock salt cavern, and provides effective data base for the stability analysis, creep analysis and other numerical simulations of underground rock salt cavern. This method, with important economic and social significance, can provide a scientific basis and technological support for the construction of caverns, especially for the safe and rational use of underground rock salt cavern.
Authors: Yu Zhen Yuan, Hui Wang
Abstract: Zr,Ga co-doped ZnO transparent conductive films were deposited on glass substrates by DC magnetron sputtering at room temperature.The influence of sputtering pressure on the structural,electrical,and optical properties of Zr,Ga co-doped ZnO films was investigated by X-ray diffraction,scanning electron microscopy (SEM),digital four-point probe,and optical transmission spectroscopy.The lowest resistivity of the Zr,Ga co-doped ZnO film is 3.01×10-4Ω﹒cm.All the films present a high transmittance of above 91% in the visible range.These results make the possibility for liquid crystal display (LCD) and UV photoconductive detectors.
Authors: Zeng Zhou Hao, Fang Gong, Lin Ren, De Lu Pan
Abstract: Asian dust storms, which can long range transport and pass through the China Sea, often occur on spring. During this process, dust storm makes some impact on marine ecology and region climate, and the present of Asian dust aerosols over ocean takes some difficult for cloud detection, atmosphere correction of ocean color and sea surface temperature retrieval. Study on Asian dust aerosol properties over ocean is the basis of satellite remote sensing, which is a powerful tool to study dust over ocean. In this paper, the optical and thermal properties of Asian dust aerosol are presented by combining the Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) observations and Streamer model simulations. By compare, the reflectance of dust aerosol over ocean at the visible band2, band3 and the near-infrared band6 of MODIS have some significant features, which are different from others, it satisfies Rb3<Rb6<Rb2 for strong dust aerosol over ocean, the weak dust aerosol meets Rb6<Rb2<Rb3, and the dust reflectance is from 0.1 to 0.3. At the thermal atmospheric windows bands which include band29, 31 and 32, for cloud and clear water region, the brightness temperature at band32 is highest and the temperature at band31 is close to band32. However, for dust aerosols, the brightness temperature at band32 is much greater than those at band29, band31, and the brightness temperature difference between band29 and band31 is small and the lower is the difference, the stronger is the dust aerosol. Those Asian dust aerosol characteristics are nice and useful for dust detection, dust retrieval over ocean, and deep study for marine environment and ecology.
Authors: Yan Hong Li, Xin Zheng Chu
Abstract: This paper selected wetland area in Ganjiahu as research area which impacts of human activity was evident and analyzed the soil enzyme activity of each five edge land-use types (reed wetland, salt meadow, Populus euphratica, Haloxylon ammodendro, farm land), results showed that: Under the effects of different land use types, the impact of the enzyme activity causes its surface layer soil to the catalase to be higher, and in the vertical direction, the soil enzyme activity assumes declining trend along with the depth change. It`s the biggest changing scope among each layer of the enzyme activity in the Populus euphratica. Secondly, each layer of the farmland and reed wetland enzyme activity has the sub-change scope. The average value of enzyme activity of urease exists a declining tendency from the soil surface to the bottom, in which the changing scope of the enzyme activity of each layer in the salt meadow is the biggest. Correespondingly, the each layer of farm land, Populus euphratica and reed wetland enzyme activity has the sub-change scope. The enzyme activity of sucrase exists a declining tendency from the soil surface to the bottom,Each changing scope of the soil enzyme activity in the Populus euphratica is the biggest, the salt meadow and reed wetland`s soil enzyme activity is relatively smaller, and each changing scope of sucrase activity in farm land is not obvious. soil is not obvious to the proteinase activity influence, which indicating that the proteinase is unable representative to reflect this area soil fertility condition . whereas four kinds of enzyme activities in the Haloxylon ammodendro are relatively low, and each change is not obvious, instructing that the disturbance by human are more lightly. Soil enzymes as part of the soil, it plays an important role in the transformation of nutrients, organic matter decomposition, degradation and restoration of pollutants [1].Soil enzyme is kind of substances which remains catalytic ability of decomposition in the soil, it is from microorganisms, plants, animals and there living secretion of debris [2]. In recent years, scholars have paid a lot of attention in the soil enzyme activities as indicators of soil quality research in biological activity [3], they think that the land use could affected significantly enzyme activity of soil, determination of soil enzyme activity and quality has become indispensable. But on the research of soil enzyme activities in the wetland soil of arid desert edge is lack. This paper study the soil enzyme in different land use in Xinjiang Ganjiahu Wetland edge, and discuss the human activities on wetland and ecosystem interference mechanism, in order to carry out construction projects of wetland degradation and restoration and provide evidence.
Authors: Da Cheng Wang, Luo Rui Sen, Ji Hua Wang, Cun Jun Li, Dong Yan Zhang, Yao Zhang, Yu Fei Li
Abstract: Canopy leaf Chlorophyll Density is a key index for evaluating crop potential photosynthetic efficiency and nutritional stress. Leaf Chlorophyll Density estimate using canopy hyperspectral vegetation indices provides a rapid and non-destructive method to evaluate yield predictions. A systematic comparison of two approaches to estimate Chlorophyll Density using 6 spectral vegetation indices (VIs) was presented in this study. In this study, the traditional statistical method based on power regression analyses was compared to the emerging computationally powerful techniques based on artificial neural network (ANN). The regression models of TCARI 、SAVI 、MSAVI and RDVIgreen were found to be more suitable for predicting Chlorophyll Density when only traditional statistical method was used especially TCARI and RDVI. ANN method was more appropriate to develop prediction models. The comparisons between these two methods were based on analysis of the statistic parameters. Results obtained using Root Mean Square Error (RMSE) for ANNs were significantly lower than the traditional method. From this analysis it is concluded that the neural network is more robust to train and estimate crop Chlorophyll Density from remote sensing data.
Authors: Lin Nie, Xing Lan Zhang, Rong Nie
Abstract: A novel fish-like flexible micro-robot actuated by ICPF (Ionic Conducting Polymer Film) is presented in the paper. In order to improve the controlling reliability and feasibility of the robot’s movement, we establish the dynamic model of the micro-robot by applying kutta-joukowski theorem and illuminate the nonlinear characteristics on a y direction phase and displacement of the robot’s movement. Some simulation and experiment graphs about the y direction phase and displacement of the robot are performed.
Authors: Yu Tao Yan, Zhi Li Sun, Guang Yang Hu, Tian Qi Hu
Abstract: For increasing the experimental efficiency and shortening the experimental time, the uniform design method was used to establish the wear experiment scheme on the tribological properties of the sealing material CrMo cast iron. The experiments were investigated on a vertical universal friction and wear tester, the worn surfaces of specimens were observed by scanning electron microscope (SEM). The results showed that the experiment points chosen by the uniform design is reasonable and effective, and the wear rate distribution rule of the CrMo cast iron was established and was divided three regions, the effect on wear rate in the I region and the III region was more serious than the II region, and the variation of the friction coefficient is bigger under experimental conditions, the main wear mechanism of the CrMo cast iron is desquamation wear and adhesive wear. The load and sliding speed coupling effect on wear of the CrMo cast iron must be thought over.
Authors: A. Kavitha, V. Rajamani, P. Anandhakumar
Abstract: Performance analysis of optical transmission using three codes viz. 8B/10B code, Systematic code and Viterbi code is presented in this paper. Peak power and bit error rate on the physical layer have been computed and the performance of codes is analyzed using bit error rate. The range of BER found in this paper is 8.61e-014μW, 1.7308e-011μW and 1.276e-013μW for 150Km, 130Km and 140Km of 8B/10B code, Systematic code and Viterbi code respectively.
Authors: Jahangir Dadkhah Chimeh, Saeed Bashirzadeh Parapari, Seyed Mohmoud Mousavinejad
Abstract: Providing an available wideband and better antenna beam forming are two good profits of millimeter wave (mmWave) technology. MmWave technology makes radio systems lighter and smaller and radars more precise. Today, commercial MmWave equipment work below 90GHz frequencies. MmWave radios work to transport Internat traffic in the backhaul of communication networks. There is a challenge in mmWave technology since the prices of equipment increases as the frequency increases. In this paper we study the applications of mmWave technology, its products, standards and compare it with other wireless technologies.

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