Advanced Materials in Microwaves and Optics

Volume 500

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Guo Hua Lu, Fang Yang, Xi Jing Jing, Xiao Yu, Hua Wang, Jian Qi Wang

Abstract: Measures of heart rate are widely used to assess the health state of human in clinic. Tranditional method uses eletrodes touching the body...

Authors: Yin Xuan Cao, Zheng Zhao

Abstract: This paper performed the fusion test using high resolution TerraSAR and ALOS optical multi-spectral image in Hengduan mountains area. The...

Authors: Jie Ying He, Feng Lin Sun, Sheng Wei Zhang, Yu Zhang

Abstract: The paper introduces a widely used atmospheric absorption models: MPM by Liebe in 1989. Using this absorption model, the paper simulates the...

Authors: Xin Biao Wang, Chang Zeng, Jing Li, Jing Shan Jiang

Abstract: This paper introduces a calibration device for microwave (millimeter and submillimeter) radiometer. The device can provide the microwave...

Authors: Meng Nan Deng, Zhi Yuan Lu, Qing Qing Wei, Man Man He, Man Zhi Yue

Abstract: In order to detect the humidity and the density of cigarette, we designed a type of microwave resonance cavity sensor which is called...

Authors: Xin Zhao, Xing Li

Abstract: As a dimensionality reduction technique, band selection is an importance pre-processing step for classifiers. In this paper, a band...

Authors: Xiao Zhen Ren, Yao Qin, Hong Liang Fu

Abstract: The imaging problem of spotlight SAR is converted to a parameter estimation problem of several monochromatic signals in additive white...

Authors: Xiao Zhen Ren, Yao Qin, Hong Liang Fu

Abstract: The azimuth resolution of Spotlight SAR is analyzed from the azimuth antenna pattern weighting, and the effect of the azimuth-varying...

Authors: Rui Huang, Li Na Zhou

Abstract: A semi-supervised learning framework based on the tri-training scheme is proposed for the classification of hyper spectral data. The...

Authors: Kai Wei Yang, Tian Hua Chen, Su Xia Xing, Jing Xian Li

Abstract: In the System of Target Tracking Recognition, infrared sensors and visible light sensors are two kinds of the most commonly used sensors;...


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