Advanced Materials in Microwaves and Optics

Volume 500

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Sheng Lan Zhang, Li Sheng Xu, Ji Lie Ding, Hai Lei Liu, Xiao Bo Deng

Abstract: A neural network (NN) based algorithm for retrieval of precipitable water vapor (PWV) from the Atmospheric Infrared Sounder (AIRS)...

Authors: Hai Lei Liu, Li Sheng Xu, Ji Lie Ding, Ba Sang, Xiao Bo Deng

Abstract: Based on the thermal radiative transfer equation (RTE), a new atmospheric correction method named Single Band Water Vapor Dependent (SBWVD)...

Authors: Shao Feng Pang, Yan Chen, Ming Quan Jia, Ling Tong

Abstract: Microwave scattering properties study of soil is a very important microwave scattering mechanism element, it is the basis of the study on...

Authors: Huai En Zeng, Qing Lin Yi, Yi Zheng

Abstract: Determination of Camera position and orientation is a basic research subject in photogrammetry and computer vision. This paper introduces a...

Authors: Ming Quan Jia, Ling Tong, Yan Chen, Hai Ping Lu

Abstract: This paper explores a new set of indoor radar scattering measurements system from terrain by reporting the results of an investigation...

Authors: Cheng Man Huang, Qiang Liu, Yu Xia Li

Abstract: With the development of semiconductor technology, the GPU's floating point computing capacity improves rapidly. How to GPU rendering from...

Authors: Ke Ming Yang, Jun Ting Ma, Bo Pang, Yi Bin Wang, Ran Wang, Meng Ting Duan

Abstract: Mining subsidence often produces significant horizontal and vertical movements at the ground surface, the surface deformation induced by...

Authors: Shang Min Zhao, Wei Ming Cheng, Xi Chen

Abstract: Taking Mt. Namjagbarwa region as an example, this paper explores a complete remote sensing image processing method for glacial geomorphology...

Authors: Cheng Wen Zhang, Jia Kui Tang, Su Juan Mi, Li Jun Zhao, Yong Zhi Li, Xin Ju Yu

Abstract: According to the detailed studies on the data of China-Brazil earth resources satellite-02B (CBERS-02B) and the LBV data transform method...

Authors: Cun Jian Yang, Zhen Luo

Abstract: Acquiring the information for rural settlement timely and accurately has an important significance for construction and development of rural...


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