Advanced Materials in Microwaves and Optics

Volume 500

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Chang Lin Yin, Wen Qiang Xu, Qing Ming Zhan, Hong Hui Zhang

Abstract: The visual sensation is an important factor in urban planning. A computer analysis technology based on the three-dimensional Geographical...

Authors: Hong Ye Zhang, Run Hui Wang

Abstract: An image encryption technology based on multi-dimension chaotic system, spatiotemporal chaotic theory and traditional symmetric encryption...

Authors: Xiao Xiao, De Wen Zhuang, Shou Jue Wang

Abstract: It has been demonstrated that accurate image segmentation is still an open problem. For avoiding this difficulties in content-based image...

Authors: Xin Zhang, Dong Chen E, Chun Xia Zhou

Abstract: This report presents the finding of seasonal and interannual variations of blue-ice extent in the Grove Mountains, by using images from...

Authors: Shi Yong Wen, Li Li Song, Dong Zhi Zhao, Hua Long

Abstract: To calculate and analyses the spatial distribution of the red tide disaster receptors vulnerability degree, a high-resolution RS images and...

Authors: Li Ying Zheng, Kai Tian

Abstract: One crucial problem with applying digital image analysis technology to the field of agriculture is separation of green vegetation regions....

Authors: Peng Lin Zhang, Bo Lin Ruan, Jian Chao

Abstract: With the rapid development of urbanization in China, an effective and quick approach usedto identify changes in basic farmland becomes more...

Authors: Xiao Liang Shi, Ying Li, Rong Xin Deng

Abstract: It has become an important means of shelterbelts surveying using high resolution remote sensing image to access the distribution of farmland...

Authors: Cheng Lu, Qiang Li, Li Jun Yu

Abstract: It’s urgent for China to solve the water shortage. Quickly and accurately extracting water resources from satellite remote sensing has...

Authors: Zhi Ming Hu, Jian Ping Wu, Bin Wu, Song Shu, Bai Lang Yu

Abstract: This study utilizes high resolution airborne LiDAR data and topographic solar radiation model to quantify the impacts of three-dimensional...


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