Low Frequency Electrochemical Accelerometer with Low Noise Based on MEMS


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Petroleum prospecting and early warning of some geological disaster increasingly depend on the accelerometers which can detect vibrate of frequency below 1Hz, but it’s embarrassing that accelerometers based on Si or SiO2 structure make an awful performance in this frequency range. Electrochemical accelerometers were developed in 1990s. With fluidics to be inertial mass, electrochemical accelerometer not only show an excellent property in low frequency, but also has a wide dynamic range. However, traditional fabrication process of electrochemical accelerometer is rather complex and can’t eliminate the noise due to the inconsistency and asymmetry of electrodes. To solve these problems, a scheme based on MEMS is proposed here, including design, fabrication and package. Properties of electrochemical accelerometer (EAM) are tested in two conditions at last.



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Xiaohao Wang




W. T. He et al., "Low Frequency Electrochemical Accelerometer with Low Noise Based on MEMS", Key Engineering Materials, Vol. 503, pp. 75-80, 2012

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February 2012




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