Electrophoretic Fabrication of Rechargeable Micro Lithium-Ion Battery with 3D Configuration


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A polymer wall was developed between interdigitated comb-type current collectors on a SiO2/Si substrate as the support for three-dimensionally (3D) accurate deposition of electrode materials by electrophoretic deposition (EPD) method. As anode and cathode materials, Li4Ti5O12 and LiCoO2 with a particle size of ~ 200 nm were synthesized, respectively, and their dispersibility in the suspensions including Ketjen Black and poly (vinylidene fluoride) was investigated. Consequently, N-methylpyrrolidone provided their good suspensions, and an electrode aspect ratio of 1:1, which can provide a high capacity and good rate performance to micro lithium-ion batteries, was successfully achieved in both Li4Ti5O12 composite anode and LiCoO2 composite cathode.



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A. R. Boccaccini, O. Van der Biest, R. Clasen and J.H. Dickerson




H. Munakata et al., "Electrophoretic Fabrication of Rechargeable Micro Lithium-Ion Battery with 3D Configuration", Key Engineering Materials, Vol. 507, pp. 163-167, 2012

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March 2012




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