The Structure and Ferromagnetic Properties of the Single Phase Bi0.95Eu0.05Fe0.95Co0.05O3 Nanoparticles Prepared by Sol-Gel


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Bi0.95Eu0.05Fe0.95Co0.05O3 Nanoparticles sample was prepared by sol-gel process. The microstructure of samples was analysised by X-ray diffraction(XRD), the result indicated that it was the single phase rhombohedral perovskite structure. The morphology of samples was measured by scanning electron microsopy(SEM), the SEM photograph of samples indicated that the nanoparticles of Bi0.95Eu0.05Fe0.95Co0.05O3 sample were small than that of BiFeO3. The valence states of Fe ions in the samples was analysised by the X-ray absorption spectroscopy(XAS). The XAS of Fe2p showed that it was the mixed valence states (Fe2+ and Fe3+) of Fe ions in samples, and the binding energy of Bi0.95Eu0.05Fe0.95Co0.05O3 was bigger than that of BiFeO3.The magnetic characteristics of the samples were measured by vibrating sample magnetometer (VSM),the results showed that the weak metamagnetism were obtained from clear hysteresis loop and the magnetic saturation reached 0.408emu/g,compared with BiFeO3 sample, the magnetic properties were significantly enhanced.



Key Engineering Materials (Volumes 512-515)

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Wei Pan and Jianghong Gong




X. A. Li et al., "The Structure and Ferromagnetic Properties of the Single Phase Bi0.95Eu0.05Fe0.95Co0.05O3 Nanoparticles Prepared by Sol-Gel", Key Engineering Materials, Vols. 512-515, pp. 1434-1437, 2012

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June 2012




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