Synthesis of Ti(C,N) Powder via CRN Method from Rutile/Carbon Mixtures


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Ti(C,N) powder was prepared via carbothermal reduction nitridation (CRN) using rutile and carbon black as the raw material. The phase evolution and the reaction mechanism during the CRN synthesis of Ti(C,N) were investigated, and the effect of reaction temperature and C/TiO2 molar ratio on the phase composition and x value in TiC1–xNx was analyzed. The XRD and SEM results show that: Ti(C,N) powder was synthesized at 1500°C for 4h with the C/TiO2 molar ratio of 2.2, under the nitrogen pressure of 0.2MPa. Irregular granular structure and the growth stripes were observed in the final products. The growth of Ti(C,N) grains in CRN process was followed by the gas-solid mechanism.The phase compositions of the products were quite dependent on the reaction temperature and the C/TiO2 molar ratio. The TiN content in Ti(C,N) decreased with the increase of reaction temperature. TiC1–xNx powder with different x values can be synthesized by optimizing the experiment conditions including the synthesis temperature and the C/TiO2 molar ratio.



Key Engineering Materials (Volumes 512-515)

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Wei Pan and Jianghong Gong




K. Chen et al., "Synthesis of Ti(C,N) Powder via CRN Method from Rutile/Carbon Mixtures", Key Engineering Materials, Vols. 512-515, pp. 32-35, 2012

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June 2012




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