Nonlinear Dynamics of Tool Vibration in Micro-Cutting


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This study focuses on the nonlinear dynamic characteristics of tool vibration in ultra precision diamond turning. Considering the first mode vibration of a tool, the tool is modelled as a one degree of freedom spring-mass-damper system with a developed cutting force model. Numerical simulations were carried out to anlyze the nonlinear dynamics of the system, using bifurcation diagrams, Poincaré maps, phase protraits, time histories and power spectral densities. The results indicated that the dynamic response of the tool is dominantly periodic and harmonic at its natural frequency with a little negligible chaos and its natural frequency, more than its fundamental frequency, is slightly shifted by depth of cut and cutting force.



Edited by:

W.B. Lee, C.F. Cheung and S. To




S. J. Zhang et al., "Nonlinear Dynamics of Tool Vibration in Micro-Cutting", Key Engineering Materials, Vol. 516, pp. 645-650, 2012

Online since:

June 2012




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