Novel and Non-Conventional Materials and Technologies for Sustainability

Volume 517

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Luis Eustáquio Moreira, Khosrow Ghavami

Abstract: In this paper the result of an investigation using finite element model (FEM) of a simple bamboo pin joint as commonly used in many types of...

Authors: P. Ohayon, Khosrow Ghavami

Abstract: The results of many successfully realized Research and Development (R&D) concerned with non-conventional materials and technologies...

Authors: L. A. F. de Moraes, P. Ohayon, Khosrow Ghavami

Abstract: The present worldwide socio economical system created the actual situation where almost two third of world population lives under the...

Authors: Antonio Sobrinho, Sandro Marden Torres, Normando Perazzo Barbosa, Sandra Reyes Ortiz, Khosrow Ghavami

Abstract: There are more than one thousand of bamboo species around the world, but in some areas the most common is the Bambusa vulgaris....

Authors: R.Z. Yang, Yan Xiao

Abstract: Glubam is a new construction material and glubam bolted joints have been developed in modern bamboo structures. To observe the performance...

Authors: Bo Shan, Jie Chen, Yan Xiao

Abstract: Glubam is a kind of environmentally friendly and energy efficient composite material in civil engineering developed in recent years. But the...

Authors: Michael J. Richard, Kent A. Harries

Abstract: This paper presents the experimental results of an on-going study investigating the buckling capacity of single-culm and multiple-culm...

Authors: Bhavna Sharma, Kent A. Harries

Abstract: Standardization, and thereby acceptance of any construction material requires years of testing and analysis. For structural bamboo,...

Authors: Mateo Gutierrez Gonzalez, Caori Patricia Takeuchi, Michel Córdoba Perozo

Abstract: As other natural materials used in construction, Bamboo Guadua is affected by different factors that can modify its strength. One factor is...


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